sexual harassment

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Cambridge has a ‘serious problem’ with sexual misconduct

The University of Cambridge reported the highest number of sexual misconduct cases, but initiatives are in place to support staff and students

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Sexual assault and standing up: Experiencing ‘Public House’

A reviewer talks about what it means to ‘watch’

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There is nothing trivial about sexual harassment

Swaps, clubs, and opening up about sexual harassment in Cambridge

It’s REALLY not okay, is it?


Former Union President admits guest sexually harassed members of the committee

There are concerns about a culture of harassment by guests at the Union

Why #MeToo matters for all of us

Especially in Cambridge

Cambridge University advertises for full-time sexual assault and harassment adviser

It’s the first position of its kind at a British university

University Grace on harassment WITHDRAWN

It was due to pass this afternoon

Dear Cambridge: An open letter from Cambridge for Consent

Problems with consent will be with us for a long time. Let’s do what we can to challenge them.

Blame will get us nowhere

Ambiguity, swaps, and the blame game.

Cantab Catalogues Shocking Sexism

A Cambridge graduate has attracted media attention after publishing an online account of her experiences of sexism and misogyny at work.