Jeremy Corbyn ‘offers support and solidarity’ to striking Cambridge McDonald’s workers

They’re protesting over more secure working hours and a higher minimum wage

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed a walk out by Cambridge McDonald's workers on Monday.

Staff at the Newmarket Road restaurant are planning on mounting a picket line there from 6am to 7am, before taking part in a national rally in London. The protest, organised by Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), is to demand an end to zero hour contracts, union recognition, and a £10 per hour minimum wage.

The UK's National Living Wage is currently £7.05 for those aged 21-24, and £7.50 for those over 25.

Jeremy Corbyn said that his party 'offers support and solidarity to the brave McDonald's workers. Their actions remind us that when people come together, organise and campaign for a better world, they can change history. Now is the time for all fast food workers: the young, the low -paid and the unorganised to join trade unions and organise in their workplaces to improve their lives.'

He finished stating that 'Labour will stand with them as we build a country that works for the many, not the few.'

It is believed that the restaurant will remain open, as will the more familiar city-centre store in Rose Crescent, near Market Square.

Corbyn: McDonald's workers are 'brave' and 'changing history.'

Corbyn: McDonald's workers are 'brave' and 'changing history.'

A McDonald's spokeswoman responded to allegations that 'the corporation has not addressed their concerns' by stating that McDonald's 'have delivered three pay rises since April 2016' which have 'increased the average hourly pay rate by 15%.'

She also said that all restaurants will have a guaranteed hour contact in place by the end of the year.

'We are proud of our people at McDonald's. They are at the heart of all we do and we work hard to ensure that our teams are treated fairly.'