You did done diddly DID IT!

Congratulations – you’re coming to Cambridge

Hello, you pesky former offer-holders. Welcome. Welcome to the abyss into which you have voluntarily flung yourself.

First things first: well fucking done. The wait is over. You're stood there, clutching a sweaty, crumpled results sheet to your heaving bosom, shocked/elated/anxious in the knowledge that you are now a fresher at the University of Cambridge. Also your mother is probably crying.

You have suddenly become stock photo material, too

You have suddenly become stock photo material, too

Cambridge is daunting, there's no doubt about it. The work load is a hefty, there are infinite extracurricular things to get involved with and, on top of that, it probably feels like you're about to be thrown into a social scene of utter total geniuses who are far more intelligent than you will ever be.

But you find ways of managing the workload. Sometimes that means missing a deadline here and there or not doing the reading for a seminar. We all do it – learning to bluff it is part of the education. (Repeat this to yourself during that inevitable 2am essay crisis).

The huge amount of other stuff that's on offer seems intimidating at first, but in reality it gives you a real chance of finding your niche. Try lots of stuff, don't feel pressure to carry on with any of it unless it's fun.

You, too, will be able to look this ridiculous! Also wear a helmet

You, too, will be able to look this ridiculous! Also wear a helmet

And the people really aren't all Einsteins. They're a pretty normal bunch who are very good at using their brains in various ways. And you're one of them. No tricks or accidents or anything. You deserve to be here.

Next term we'll be putting out lots of articles with stuff that might be helpful, and we're even printing a guide (!) to Cambridge that will be full of useful stuff on how to navigate the weird and wonderful world of our University. Look out for it in your pigeon-holes at the beginning of term, and make sure to come and visit us at the Freshers Fair.

If you ever feel at a loss of what to do, come down and see us at the Maypole one Friday evening. The team is always there at about six and even if you have no interest in writing, the banter's sometimes quite good (really only quite) and everyone's friendly.

All that aside, good luck for next term. You'll be brilliant.