Storm Doris is causing chaos in Cambridge

Everything is falling apart

Cambridge chaos Christ Pembroke storm storm doris university wind

What was to be expected when you combine a medieval university and gusts of wind of over 90mph? 

You thought Week 5 was bad, but now Week 6 has decided to arrive with Storm Dorris in full force. And Cambridge really isn’t very good at coping. Colleges are closing to the public, trees are falling down, and there are even reports of smashed windows and property falling apart.

A huge tree in Christ’s pieces has been uprooted

At the moment, both Christ’s and Pembroke have closed themselves off to the public, with Pembroke closing a central pathway, perhaps due to fear of falling trees.

Pembroke’s central avenue was closed off

A somewhat worse-for-wear warning sign at Pembroke, pictured above, stated: “For your safety please avoid the driveway and be aware that there could be falling branches.”

The Tab has also heard reports of chaos at the English Faculty, with a witness saying “A massive bit of the English fac just blew off onto the roof with a huge bang… a huge table like structure fell onto the roof window.” The item was removed quickly and no damage was caused.

Meanwhile in Girton, a porter was spotted reattaching the LGBT+ Flag to a bush.

Magdelene saw smashed windows, with an email then circulated to students asking them to keep them closed for the duration of the day to stop further damage, as there was “broken glass everywhere” from previous incidents.

The window had to be boarded up

If only it would all blow over. Then the chaos of a normal Cambridge term can return.