Cambridge Charity Fashion Show CHANGES Charity after backlash

U-turning to face the cameras

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The Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show committee has announced  a U-turn in its choice of charity following controversy surrounding its initial choice, I Am Adaptive

Announcing their decision in a statement on their Facebook page, the CUCFS committee stated it was ‘now proud to be supporting the Douglas Bader Foundation,’ which promotes the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of persons who are born without or have lost one or more limbs, or who are otherwise physically disabled.

Many edges, many issues

The turn around decision comes after a Tab investigation revealed that the fashion show’s first choice of charity, I Am Adaptive, had been illegally soliciting donations and failing to fill out tax returns. The investigation also revealed that the Florida based charity, which boasts over fifty thousand Instagram followers, had not been registered with the State department of Agricultural and Consumer services.

A change in direction

Following the publication of the investigation, the CUCFS committee released a statement announcing they were ‘reviewing the situation.’ I Am Adaptive was taken down from their website, the charity page simply showing the words ‘Coming Soon’ for several weeks.

I Am Adaptive was taken down from the website following the scandal

The Fashion Show takes place on 15th February next term.