Bridgemas is coming, and here’s your cultural advent calendar

ADC Corpus Playroom roundup student theatre Theatre theatre this week week 7


Rumpelstiltskin (CUADC/Footlights Pantomime) – Wed 23rd November to Sat 3rd December at 7:45pm, and Fri 25th November, Sat 26th November, Tue 29th November, Thu 1st December and Sat 3rd December at 2:30pm

Beg, borrow or steal a ticket to this Michaelmas staple. “Cambridge’s finest offering of comedians, actors, technicians and musical talents” are offering you a “bit of rumpy pumpy” for this year’s panto. How risqué. Join “our heroine Frieda, our lumberjacking Dame, and mad King Bruno” for this humorous retelling of a children’s classic.

Footlights Smoker – Wed 23rd November at 11pm

Funny people doing funny things. The Footlights promise you “an hour of non-stop, back-to-back fun-filled hilarity”, but if they disappoint you can always find them in the bar after and try to do better.

Vagina Monologues – Thu 24th November to Sat 26th November at 11pm

Eve Ensler’s seminal work, the Vagina Monologues will be a “genuine, open, honest exploration of people’s relationships with their bodies and sexuality”. An incredibly important piece of feminist discourse, it’s also a deeply moving play and is required watching for all modern guys and gals, as this production is “giving voice to a silenced but essential discussion”.


M. Butterfly – Tue 22nd November to Sat 26th November at 7pm

In the words of the director, “this caterpillar is spreading its wings”. One man’s quest for “The Perfect Woman” leads him down unexpected paths in this Tony Award winning play. A story of “deception, stereotypes, and the power of blind belief”, M Butterfly will cast a critical eye over love and idealisation, and break away from narratives entrenched in white misogynist imperialist heteronormativity.

Right Place, Wrong Time – Tue 22nd November to Sat 26th November at 9:30pm

A time-travelling look at the “remarkable true story of how one woman saved the world”, and how the world forgot about her. In 1939, when a journalist “discovers a line of German tanks lined up on the Polish border…her contribution is glossed over, her name forgotten and her story erased from our history”, but luckily “an ever changing cast of characters” will tell her story in (hopefully) the right place and at the right time.


Sticky Floor Smoker – Mon 21st November at 9pm

This smoker is back, and “bigger, funnier, and probably stickier”. If you find your Mondays are lacking in big and sticky things, (over-)compensate with this! Apparently The Tab described the last smoker as “a truly fantastic night of comedy” and if you can’t trust The Tab, who can you trust?

Anthony ϟ Cleopatra – Tue 22nd November to Sat 26th November at 7pm

A production so full of edges they don’t even need an ampersand. Shakespeare is transported to the heady world of the 1980s in “a love story born from political conflict: ambition, backstabbing and corruption”. Watch as “worlds begin to crumble, as egos are pitted against emotions”, and as “‘cult of personality’ music and excess” takes over Pembroke. Sounds a lot like student politics. Also includes an Anthony who looks suspiciously like Draco Malfoy…

Downbeat – Tue 22nd November to Wed 23rd November at 9:30pm

Ruari Bride and the Footlights present “an hour of musical stand-up”. If you’re feeling Down, then beat it to Pembroke for comedy that ranges from “pensive to the silly to the downright bizarre”. At the very least, it’ll be a show funnier than these puns.

Antigone –  Thu 24th November to Sat 26th November at 9:30pm

A “fast-paced, ever-relevant Greek drama”, Pembroke Players present Antigone. If this year’s Greek Play left you gagging for more ancient tragedy, catch this interpretation of the consequences when “unyielding defiance of the individual will and the crushing tyranny of an authoritarian state come into conflict”.


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – Wed 23rd November to Sat 26th November at 7:45pm and Sat 26th November at 2:30pm

Remember kids, follow your dreams. If your dreams happen to feature Biblical parables and Andrew Lloyd Webber, you’re in luck! This hit musical has “a humorous blend of musical styles and a range of colourful and lovable characters”, and Cambridge’s Stagecoach youth choir will be making an appearance.