Hope McNulty

REVIEW: Antony ϟ Cleopatra

A dramatically confident production let down by stuttering pace.


Bridgemas is coming, and here’s your cultural advent calendar


It’s Freshers Week all over again.

REVIEW: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

HOPE MCNULTY went to see Roald Dahl’s anthologies brought to life at Corpus

REVIEW: E x i l e

Exile has set itself a high challenge and rises to it in a way that you would be hard-pressed to see done so well again.

REVIEW: King Lear

Bleak, brutal, brilliant.

THEATRE: This Week

Week 3 coming at you with tea, pirates, and collapsing scenery.

THEATRE: This Week

Let theatre cast a soft glow of enlightenment over a damp and dismal Week Two.

REVIEW: The Last Five Years

A musical in two directions.

REVIEW: The Habit of Art

One of the best plays you will see in Cambridge this year

THEATRE: This Week

Get your thesp game on

REVIEW God of Carnage

Two couples, one room. What could possibly go wrong?