week 7


Bridgemas is coming, and here’s your cultural advent calendar

Tim O’Brien: Week 7

‘Unfair, dated, cruel, and pointless’… this week TIM O’BRIEN turns his attention to exams.

Sex in the Cam – Week 7

I did something bad this week. Now, there aren’t a lot of things I regret; I’ve had a lot of sex in my time and a reasonable amount of sex this term and I stand by every one of those random shags. But this time I’ll admit that I’ve crossed a line.

Mark Liu: Week 7

The key to networking is not what you know, but who you know: MARK LIU shows you how to get on the inside track.

Claudia Blunt: Week 7

This week, CLAUDIA wonders why there are so many singles mingling at our most esteemed university.

Try! Try!

“It reminded me fundamentally why we’re all here…” ABI BENNETT is charmed by an evening of Frank O’Hara.

Siana Bangura: Week 7

Today is Siana’s Birthday. Sort of.