It’s Freshers Week all over again.

ADC ADC theatre bed Corpus Playroom marlowe showcase robinson auditorium Round Church rules for living Theatre theatre this week


Rules for Living  – Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th November at 7.45pm

Bringing the festive spirit to Cambridge early, Rules for Living is a “theatrically playful dark comedy”. Set during a Christmas dinner, “long-held rivalries and resentments will come out”. Also, this is a fresher play so make sure to support the bright young thesps. Do it for the children.

Bed – Wednesday 16th November to Saturday 19th November at 11pm

Another fresher play, Bed will be a “surreal exploration of life and dreams, of old age and death”. This will all take place in a bed and promises to be an “exhilarating experience”. It’s perhaps your only opportunity to have any form of bedroom experience this term, so don’t miss it.

The 23-Hour Sketch Show Bonanza – Tuesday 15th November at 11pm

“30 comedians, 23 hours and at the end of it all 60 minutes of brand-spanking-new comedy sketch show for you all to enjoy.” Surprisingly self explanatory, the 23-Hour Sketch Show Bonanza gives actors 23 hours to come up with a sketch show from scratch. If all goes to plan, hilarity will ensue. There’s only one way to find out how this ends.


The Marlowe Showcase – Wednesday 16th November at 4pm

It’s sold out so you can’t go. Sorry. However, you can pretend and tell everyone you went using this helpful summary. Cambridge’s 14 best graduating actors will perform a variety of monologues in front of “industry professionals”, ranging from the humorous to the dramatic and emotional. Making graduate networking entertaining since 1907.

Britannia Waves The Rules – Tuesday 15th November to Saturday 19th November at 7pm

An “arresting look at conflict and its effect on soldiers returning home”. Britannia Rules the Waves is an award-winning play that asks questions about how to deal with the consequences of war, on soldiers and on society.

Crazy Walls: A Sketchy Sketch Show – Tuesday 15th November to Saturday 19th November at 9.30pm

Two of Cambridge’s sketchiest comedians “invite you to the weird and wonderful world of Crazy Walls“. Set inside a post-apocalyptic nuclear bunker, it could be useful preparation for President Trump’s new world order. If that’s not enough, there will also be “fast-paced, action-packed, utter nonsensical character comedy”. And maybe radiation poisoning.


Our Country’s Good – Thursday 17th November to Saturday 19th November at 7.30pm

A “Brechtian play” full of “political comedy reimagined with physical theatre, puppetry and playfulness”. It follows a group of convicts who arrive in the far-off land of Australia, “having sailed for eight and a half months from London”. There’s a Homerton joke in here somewhere, but we’re better than that.


The Gondoliers – Thursday 17th November to Saturday 19th November at 7.30pm and Sat 19th November at 2.30pm

Fresh fresh fresh. The Gilbert and Sullivan Society’s fresher play “tells the story of the Palmieri brothers who hold mastery over the city’s canals and the hearts of the local girls.” It’s “set in sunny Venice” so if your crippling student debt means you can’t afford a holiday this year, let The Gondoliers transport you away.


The Descent of Orpheus into the Underworld – Friday 18th November at 8pm, Saturday 19th November at 7pm, Saturday 19th November at 9pm

Week 5 is over, but if you’re missing the “darkest depths of grief and despair” take a trip into the underworld with the Cambridge University Opera Society. The fiery pits of hell will be brought to life in the Round Church, with “lively Baroque dances as well as sumptuous arias” as Orpheus fights to rescue his damned lover.