Funk you up! Cheeky former MP caught on camera gyrating to teen cheese at political rave

Cambridge’s former MP, Julian Huppert, has been as caught strutting his stuff at the (in)famous Lib Dem Disco at the party’s conference.

Cambridge Cambridge University conservative party house of commons julian huppert Liberal Democrats MP Tim Farron

Cambridge’s very own ‘DJHupz’ is not shying away from the limelight after losing the constituency in the last election by 599 votes.

He isn’t giving up: currently involved in science policy at the university and on the board of the county’s clinical commissioning working, Huppert is now officially the Lib Dem candidate for the next election.

He said: “The final straw was seeing the aftermath of the disastrous referendum. It was foolish just having it, and the outcome is really bad for Cambridge – I didn’t really feel like I could sit this one out.”

“I want to stand on a pro-EU platform, to reflect the international, liberal and globally facing city Cambridge is.”

This comes at the conclusion of the Liberal Democrats’ annual conference, where party leader Tim Farron committed to another referendum on the terms of a Brexit deal, reiterated strong support for the single market and freedom of movement, and committed to making up the funding gap in the NHS by raising taxes “if that is what is needed.”

He also slammed the current “chaos,” saying the Conservative party “can not longer call itself the responsible party of government” while taking aim at Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour for “betraying the very people it claims to care about” by turning inwards. He contrasted this with some of Tony Blair’s domestic policies, saying: “you aim for power to get stuff done.”

In a quote to The Tab about his fabulous moves, Huppert said “This year’s Lib Dem Disco was the biggest and best yet. It’s now officially a better night than Fabric can offer – sadly.”