Hate preachers cause outrage on Cambridge streets

The fundamentalist Christian preachers have sparked a peaceful counter-protest by LGBT+ campaigners

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Positioned at the end of Sidney Street, two fundamentalist preachers, equipped with posters proclaiming ‘evolution is a lie’, caused uproar. 

Although they have visited Cambridge before, their presence sparked outrage in light of the recent shootings of members of the LGBT+ community in Pulse nightclub in Orlando, proclaiming that it was ‘righteous judgement’.

Their previous presence was somewhat ironic, stationed just 100 metres away from the college Charles Darwin attended whilst proclaiming ‘evolution is a lie’, however, it was the use of the tragic events in Orlando for their own purpose that attracted attention.

Previously they simply preached about atheism and evolution, but since discussed controversial areas such as the orlando shooting

A significant crowd gathered around the preachers, around 20 people shouting in protest and attempting to argue with the preachers. However, the most powerful response came from an individual who simply draped themselves in a Pride flag and stood in silence.

The powerful response back to the hate preaching

Previously when the preachers have visited Cambridge, people have taken on various methods of stopping the hate, with one man parking his van in front of them last week and refusing to move.

Van to the rescue – a man parked in front of the preachers and refused to move

It seems that now tourists are no longer the most hated people on Sidney Street on an afternoon.