Top 5 ways to procrastinate in Week 4

This week’s list of things to do to convince your parents that you are a normal, functioning, sociable human being.

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Cambridge Shorts:

5 student directors will be presenting short films at the ADC in what will be an unprecedented exhibition of some formidable cinematic talent.

Check out the list of ‘5 films to watch this term‘ the directors made for us recently if you’re feeling inspired.

Tuesday 17th at 8pm


This ‘intimate and epic examination of memory’ is one of the, if not the most anticipated pieces of drama being put on at the ADC this term. Some proper ADC heavyweights (Louis Rogers, Avigail Tlalim, Os Leanse et al.) are involved in what promises to be a really powerful and interesting piece of theatre. Bring your thinking caps to this one.

Running Monday to Saturday at 19:45 in the ADC

Soul Butter:

Do you love to boogie? Dance the exam stress away at this fantastic free student-organised dance event. Expect a mixture of disco, soul, afro-beat and anything else that’ll get your ghetto-booty shakin’.

Friday the 13th from 19:00 until 23:00 at the CB2 Bistro

Also, feel free to like their facebook page for a daily dose of funky goodness.

Keepin it smooth on the daily

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland:

The audience are divided into two halves at the start of the performance, and they what are effectively two different plays while hearing the ‘other play’ in the background. You then swap and watch the other. Set in my second favourite sparsely populated region of Scandinavia, this looks like it is going to be a really fascinating experience of a performance.

Thursday-Saturday at 19:00 in the Corpus Playroom

Corpus MCR feat. Scandinavian Society Presents: The Eurovision Song Contest

Do you like bad music? Do you like tall, blonde, blue eyed people? Do you like cheap european alcohol? If your answer isn’t yes to any of those questions you’re probably a snob, Gimli or a snob respectively. The Corpus MCR feat. ScandiSoc invites you to join them in a celebration of campness and european unity.

Going to watch Eurovision at the Union instead of watching it with Scandis is like giving up on a ticket to see the World Cup final in Brazil in order to watch it in a Wetherspoons in Lowestoft.

If you’re only there for Graham Norton’s commentary, please come too. It’s even funnier if you’re drunk and being drunk is fine if you’re around other people.

Leckhampton at Corpus at 8pm on Saturday night.

Here’s ABBA tearing all of the politically voting Eastern-Bloc states a new one back in the Cold War golden years of shmusic.

Correction: The eastern bloc countries weren’t in Eurovision in 1974. Still. Waterloo is a banger.