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Eurovision Review: sex, hugs, but no rock ‘n’ roll

Is this a dream?

LIVEBLOG: Eurovision 2016

For all those who feel too guilty spending the last Saturday before exams begin watching pop culture at it’s finest, never fear! You can spend it refreshing our liveblog.

Top 5 ways to procrastinate in Week 4

This week’s list of things to do to convince your parents that you are a normal, functioning, sociable human being.

Ai Weiwei, Nick Clegg, Heston Blumenthal, Lord Sugar and Hollywood legends galore

The Union lineup revealed

Mark Liu: Week 2

MARK can’t stop you from voting in the elections today – but he can prove that it is mathematically futile.

The Dark Side of Eurovision

TOM BELGER investigates the side of Azerbaijan that it doesn’t want the rest of Europe to see.

YouTube Video Of The Week: Week One

TOBY LUCKHURST offers a few of YouTube’s gems in this new weekly feature.

Review: Guys and Dolls

MILO YIANNOPOULOS: ‘Overall? Awesome, and I’ll be first in line for the next production at the Arts Theatre.’