Churchill JCR crisis: College BNOC banned by ‘fun police’


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We will fight the fun police on the beaches, we will fight the fun police on the landing grounds. 

In a petition that has generated almost as much attention as the one to ban Donald Trump from Britain, Churchill College has been rocked by the forces of democracy as the people rose up to support a beloved figure.

‘Cen Boumbe’, a joke profile run by Ken Coumbe on the Churchill JCR was expelled unjustly and without notice from the group for the following message:


You’d think that after all the tearing apart of essays in supervisions, people in Cambridge would be used to criticism

Furious at their source of lighthearted fun that was so desperately needed in the depths of exam term (which must be made even more depressing by the tragic architecture of Churchill), the student proletariat rose up against the JCR bourgeoisie. To quote one outraged student ‘shit then hit the fan’.

Allegations of ‘fun police’ and ‘undemocratic’ (#freezepeach) were thrown about, until the Churchillian Coumbe decided to use the tools of democracy at his disposal and launch a petition and a Facebook event.

Free the people

Pleading cries to ‘give the people what they want’ and claims that ‘Cen is on the side of hard working students’ littered the  vastly expanding comment section of the petition, whilst many members took to Facebook in a vitriolic display of their anger.

If there no justice in this world?

There was even attention drawn to a darker underhand matter – the power of the JCR bourgeoisie. ‘Are they too authoritarian?’, one HSPS student looking to use a new word they had learned in a lecture pondered.

JCR under fire – fun police

Fortunately, the drama was quickly resolved. Mudit Gupta, President of Churchill JCR reinstated Ken into the group, posting ‘I seriously underestimated the JCR love for Ken’. Nonetheless, this was slightly soured by the reassertion that ‘I would like to remind everyone that the JCR admins will continue to moderate posts on this group’.

However, there are still questions unanswered. Will the JCR still be forced to debate on the issue if the petition gets more than 25 signatures? Will it develop into more of a debate about authoritarian leadership? And will the student class of Churchill use their petitioning skills for good or for evil?