Cambridge tops the University rankings yet again

Are you surprised?

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The Complete University Guide 2017’s rankings have been topped by Cambridge and the Other Place.

The LSE is third, Imperial is fourth, and St. Andrew’s is fifth. The top five are unchanged from last year and this is Cambridge’s sixth consecutive year at the top.

Sitting pretty

Despite Cambridge’s overall ranking, our University came 18th in the student satisfaction table, but still managed to come above Oxford in 20th.

The news comes hot on the heels of Cambridge’s victory in the Men’s Boat Race and Peterhouse’s crushing victory over St. John’s Oxford in the University Challenge final.

Is it time to stop using the portmanteau ‘Oxbridge’ and just speak of ‘Cambridge’? The Tab thinks so

The Complete University Guide’s rankings cover only the UK, and contrast with the The Times Higher Education World University rankings for 2015-16, in which Cambridge came fourth behind the California Institute of Technology, Oxford, and Stanford in first, second and third place respectively.

In today’s CUP rankings ARU came 110th out of 137. London Met came last.