LIVE BLOG: Women’s Cuppers Final

The Tab brings you the action from Grange Road, where Girton-Medwards and Clare-Peterhouse will kick off at 14:00.

Girton-Medwards 0-3 Clare-Peterhouse is the Full Time score. They have won the Cup convincingly in a fantastically entertaining game here at Grange Road in terrible conditions!

16.00 That’s all from me then. What a game! Clare-Peterhouse will be celebrating tonight.



15.55 FULL TIME CP 3-0 GM

15.53 SO CLOSE TWICE First, Gordon nearly scores a hat-trick but can’t quite head in an excellent cross. Then they hit the post!

15.52 GOAL FOR CP Gordon converts Hirst’s assist in front of goal! Game, set and match.

15.50 Ball off Otira for a throw. Gibbins defending decisively as there are only a couple of minutes left…

15.48 Hirst struggling as GM have a great shot on goal, but keeper saves well. Codd once again on the right chases after a ball but can’t quite get there.

15.47 Back on. Codd down the right shoots but it is tipped away by the keeper.

15.45 We’ll have a decent amount of injury time as we’re still paused, but no board to show the number of minutes. I’d guess four in total.

15.42 Mavor is now back on. A pause in the game due to a GM injury on the far side allows Hirst to sit down again. Boots are bizarrely being swapped with the injured player.

15.40 Under ten minutes left and Graves heads up a counter attack. The ball is in to Taylor but finds its way across the face of goal. A series of counter attacks looks like the way ahead for GM.

15.38 After the ball temporarily is out of the stadium, Gibbons charges down the left wing for CP. More ping pong now…

15.36 Ball comes out to Gibbins and her lob is saved. Graves is then down the other end and NEARLY SCORES FOR GM, but keeper saves well.

15.34 Graves produces a lovely through ball but it’s out for a throw. A charge by CP down the right by, you’ve guessed it Hirst, leads to a corner.

15.32 Hirst has a rest on the floor…and is now up on her feet. She almost immediately crosses in but nobody is there. Goal kick for GM.

15.31 Pickersgill is on for Mavor, the Peterhouse captain.

15.29 Hirst dribbles around two players and it’s  nearly an own goal by GM. CP dominant.

15.27 SO SO CLOSE FOR CP Abegglen with an excellent ball comes to Hirst. Vandersluis gets a hand to it, but the ball is loose and ROLLS ACROSS THE GOAL LINE! No goal line technology here.

15.26 Taylor shoots straight at the keeper. At the other end, a period of pressure by CP ends up in Naziris’s hands.

15.24 CP Hirst attempts to lob the keeper from the centre just outside the box. Just over.

15.23 GM freekick puts a pause in their frantic defending.

15.22 SO CLOSE Harriet Codd just can’t quite direct a header from a great ball in by Hirst from the right wing.

15.19 GOAL FOR CP! Hirst runs in on goal and shoots hits the post…and CP score off the rebound into the bottom right corner of the net.

15.18 Gibbins hooks it in to Gordon who is in on goal but ruled offside.

15.16 GM COME CLOSE! Graves shoots just wide from the edge of the box across goal. Keeper nowhere.

15.15 CP corner in by Hirst but Gordon cannot capitalise.

15.14 Taylor collapses on top of an opponent in the box…comes to nothing.

15.13 Byrne fowl throws! Gordon is in on goal again but the ball runs away.

15.10 Byrne wins the ball in a crunching tackle for GM. Down the other end, CP break in numbers but Gordon’s shot is from a tight angle and straight at the keeper.

15.07 After decent build up play Chambers is in on goal but it’s only a half chance. Goal kick eventually comes to GM down the other end with her shot blocked well by Naziris.

15.06 Chambers dribbles down the left hand side, cuts inside but struggles to deliver a convincing ball into the box.

15.04 Hirst is immediately in on goal, but denied by Naziris who has now changed her shirt.


15.00 The players are coming back out as is the sun…


14.55 Hail has turned into light rain and I get the feeling this pitch may not survive into the Seconds’ Varsity Match which follows this fixture. Heavy rain overnight has now been added to in ridiculous amounts!


14.54 With GM not having conceded this season, how will they deal with this late first half goal?

14.52 A bizzare end to the half as a heavy shower of hail greets the goal.

14.50 HALF TIME GM 0-1 CP

14.49 GOAL FOR CP Concerted possession pays off with Gordon scoring from a corner which was not dealt with properly.

14.48 Only a few minutes left in this half and CP have another corner. Taken short…

14.46 CLOSE CHANCE FOR CP Ball whipped in by Hirst and Codd can’t connect in the face of goal. Exciting stuff!

14.44 CP throw by Sheekey on the near side, is followed by more play in the air with no clear hold of possession from either side.

14.43 Abegglen clears well after a promising break for GM.

14.42 CLOSE CHANCE FOR CP Hirst’s curling corner is cleared off the line by her teammate!

14.40 GM have a throw deep in the CP half, and the cross is cleared unconventionally by the keeper with a ‘Rooney shinner’.


14.36 Miriam Gordon is in on goal…and fails to get clean contact. Soon after, there’s an excellent cross by Graves which is defended well by CP.

14.34 Beccie Graves’s corner is wasted and Weir then puts in a good tackle on the near side. Another Graves corner is headed away, comes back to Vadersluis who throws half the pitch.

14.32 Gibbins produces a nice through ball but it goes out of play. Captain Ingledew down the other end defends well near the corner flag. No chances on goal for a while as Legard comes on for GM.

14.30 More scrappy ‘Stoke City football’ in the middle of the park now. GM are exploiting that left wing.

14.28 The sun is drying the pitch as Graves’s shot produces a corner which she takes. It’s headed away and played to Taylor who shoots first time but it’s straight at the keeper.

14.26 CP are applying continuous pressure now, but the GM defence has been excellent. The game is starting to settle down with twenty minutes gone.

14.24 Sheekey shoots on goal speculatively and Naziris drops the ball, but recovers well. Byrne is in on goal but denied by the keeper.

14.21 Byrne is fouled on the edge of the box. One again the ball is blocked. Almost immediately Finn Taylor on the left wing for GM goes on another run.

14.20 With a quarter of an hour gone, the game is developing well but neither side has been able to retain possession.

14.18 A good free kick by Abegglen is chested away and the ball goes out in their own half for a throw.

14.16 Hirst cuts inside and shoots at the keeper. Why the GM keeper is in yellow and has not changed her shirt colour I have no idea.

14.15 Graves, after producing a good free kick into the box, skies a second from just outside the box.

14.13 GM end a series of ‘Stoke City football’ with a chance but the keeper for CP Vandersluis – with her blue hair – saves well. We are at the Rugby Club here…

14.10 After a charge, Finn Taylor shoots just wide, twice in two successive changes.

14.09 CP have the first corner. Gibbons shoots from the edge of the box and is just off target. Goal Kick.

14.08 CP now have a throw on the halfway line as GM fowl the throw in…in the final!

14.07 GM have a throw in an advanced area, but it comes to nothing.

14.06 KICK OFF

14.05 We’re nearly there. CP will be in yellow and have just kicked off.


14.03 With scores of 7-0 and 7-2 in previous rounds, we should expect lots of goals.

14.01 The players are gathered at the side of the pitch at the moment so kick off will be a little late.

13.58 The rain has stopped but it’s fairly cold. GM are in black and white stripes and we could well be in Newcastle with this weather.

13.55 Then on their bench 6 Sarah Cassidy, 14 Chloe Legard, No number Marine Schindler, 7 Manon Olivia Huckle, Late addition Neeraja Bhamidipati.

13.53 Girton-Medwards now, from henceforth GM: 1 Christiana Naziris, 11 Irina Rasolon, 13 Catriona Parpworth, 5 Svenja Granderath, 12 Anna Weir, 4 Courtney Byrne, 10 Edwina Otira, 15 Rosie Baines, 8 Beccie Graves, 2 Bethanie Chambers, 9 Finnoula Taylor.

13.47 on CP’s bench are 10 Harriet Codd and 14 Emma Pickersgill.

13.45 The teams are in. First, Clare-Peterhouse, from now on CP: 1 Hannah Vandersluis (GK), 2 Rebecca Hirst, 3 Melanie Abegglen, 4 Maude Gibbins, 5 Ellie Byrne, 6 Eleanor Sheekey, 7 Sophie Ingledew (Clare Captain), 8 Alicia Mavor (Peterhouse Captain), 9 Naomi Pygott, 11 Eleanor Fawcett, 12 Miriam Gordon.

13:40 It’s just started raining to add further insult to injury.


13.35 After the dramatic Men’s Final last weekend, we’re hoping for a great tie here. All I can hear at the moment though is the squelch of mud under foot.

Late last night, it was announced that the venue would change to a TBC location, but luckily there was a U-turn. Even with a saturated pitch, it seems these are ladies not for turning.