The Tab’s Ultimate Guide to Cambridge Pubs

We have a full map of Cambridge’s many, many pubs

Anchor Bar Cambridge Clare College crawl eagle la raza map Maypole pub pub crawl

Whether you’re sick of the old haunts or just want ideas for your next pub crawl, we’ve collected the locations of every pub and bar in Cambridge. 

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Yellow Pins – All pubs and bars
Green Houses – College and other society-run bars
Red Flags – Must-visit classics (see below for why we love them)

Click here for a larger map.

The Eagle was apparently a favourite of Francis Crick and James Watson, who discovered the structure of DNA.

The Tab’s Top Ten (in no particular order)
1. The Mill
2. The Cambridge Brew House
3. Granta
4. The Anchor
5. The Maypole
6. La Raza
7. The Portland Arms
8. Spoons
9. The Mitre/Baron of Beef
10. The Eagle/Bath House/Pint Shop

Clare Bar

Notable College Bars (also in no particular order)
1. Corpus
2. Clare
3. Trinity
4. Newnham
5. Jesus

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