Review: Be Waffle

ANNA WHITE has a wonderful break at Be Waffle

Yes, it’s cold.

I could write some predictable drab about waffles being the ultimate morale boost in this snot infested weather. But who am I kidding? These delicacies transcend all seasonal timeframes. Be it an endless Sunday summer afternoon or a morning of pretending to be a decent ice skater, these waffles will always prove to be the perfect accompaniment. Here’s why:

So after six hours of banging out utter mediocrity I thought a waffle would be the perfect incentive to finish an essay. My expectations were duly met. I met the lovely Bernard who runs Be Waffle on Market Square with his wife. After his wife got a job in the Science Park they decided to leave Brussels and move to Cambridge. The inspiration behind the stall came from a documentary Bernard watched on a Belgian man in Manhattan whose waffle business boomed in a matter of months.


Bernard explained to me that there are in fact two types of waffles – the Brussel and the Liège waffle. His business focuses on the latter. Originally, waffles came with no toppings but demand particularly from American and British tourists (Supersize Me 2) catalysed the mind boggling amount of choice.


I never really got the whole waffle thing until now. The above features fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and the most amazing dough. I cannot recommend these enough. From Nutella, meringue and raspberry sauce, Be Waffle has all the toppings to fit your mood.

I wouldn’t call myself a waffle evangelist, but, yes, I am.

I know most reviews on The Tab are rife with positive things to say about the staff who have treated them so well. And this is only a testimony of their hard work. However in this case, stop letting me spoon feed you and try these waffles for yourself. And you’ll see why I wrote 300 words about them.

12 Market Hill, Cambridge CB2 3NJ

Opening hours:

Wednesday – Sunday 10am-5pm