Which sport has the Best Bums?

As all athletes know a toned gluteus maximus can be the key to success, both on and off the pitch.

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It’s mid-November which means it’s time for embarrassingly early Christmas ads, 4pm sunsets and of course the Tab’s Best Bums competition.

Each year Cantabs get their kit off to have their behinds judged by their fellow students. There are some students who may enjoy a small advantage over their competitors though. Sportsmen and women train all year round to increase the size and tone of their muscles, including their gluteus maximus aka their bum. But do some sports have better bums than others?


It may look like rowing involves a lot of arm movement but really it’s all in the legs. The thighs and bum are especially important for pushing the boat the water Do all those hours on the ergo machine translate into a finer derrière? There’s only one way to find out. CUBC, CUWBC, CULRC get on it!

When you forget to enter Best Bums


The Light Blues might be busy training for their Twickenham showdowns and you can bet your bottom dollar that this involves a lot of glute exercises. Those muscles are involved in many key aspects of rugby such as scrummaging, clearing out rucks and breaking opposition tackles. Jamie Roberts will give the men’s Blues a great chance against Oxford but can CURUFC win Best Bums, that other prestigious Michaelmas competition?

Sixteen bums simultaneously clenched


Gymnastics may lack the brute power of rugby or rowing but its elegance and dynamism rely just as much on a solid set of glutes. All of gymnastics involves explosive power with trampolining probably the most demanding on the bum. However, we encourage all gymnasts (and anyone really) to enter Best Bums.

Is this Cambridge’s Best Bum?


That’s right all the time that you spent frantically cycling to lectures you’ve actually been training. Preparing. Waiting. And now is your moment. Best Bums has arrived and there are only three days left to enter. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, find your ideal locations and send your best snap to [email protected].

Good luck!