Tab Guide: How to win RAG LOST 2k15

It’s really fun and you should go

Cambridge RAG Cambridge University RAG Lost

Cambridge RAG’s Lost, otherwise known as “kidnapping, but for charity”, is upon us once again.

On the 7th of November the teams of two – equipped with nought but a thirst for adventure and an infamous lack of common sense – will be whisked from this cushy bubble to a mystery location somewhere about 100 miles away.

Once there they’ll be abandoned, asked to complete a collection of hilarious challenges, fundraise, and still have to make it back in 24 hours – all with the aim of raising money for charity.

We asked the RAG team to put together a list of things that might be helpful on your trip into the unknown:


Fancy dress is the way forward

There are a surprising number of different ways to cover a distance of 100 miles with no money – it’s a good idea to choose which one you’re going to go for.

To raise money, decide if you’re going to perform or just come up with a handy catchphrase you can more and more bored with throughout the day. If you can play an instrument and altruistic extroversion is your thing, bring it along too.

Costumes are another great way to get attention, though bear in mind the novelty might wear off after hour three when it’s raining and you’ve just eaten your eighth Gregg’s pasty.

Find out your partner’s name

Really key information

You can sign up with whoever you like, but it doesn’t need to be your best friend. However, some information is mandatory. Names, worries and whether or not they have ever done time for murder are all good starting points.

Bring some entertainment

24 hours is a long time to spend with someone, and you’ll probably know each other pretty well by the end. Bringing books, magazines and games are great tactics to ease the long journey home.

Get sponsored

Read up on the great charities RAG raises money for, and use your selflessness to shame your friends into giving you sponsorship.

Stranger Danger

Don’t be afraid to ask strangers for help with directions or challenges. Most people are, despite common misconception, very nice.

On a serious note, if you hitch-hike, make sure to take a picture of the car registration and send it to the RAG team.

Other serious bits of miscellaneous advice

Bring a fully charged phone – (+spare battery/ portable charger if you have one), if only to let your mum know you haven’t died along the way.

Do as many challenges as possible – getting home first may be worth a few points but it’s not a good way to have fun and you may not win any prizes!

You aren’t allowed to spend any of your own money while you’re there so bring a bag along with some supplies – snacks and water will keep you going through the day.

If this all sounds like fun, sign up to RAG’s LOST here