TAB EXCLUSIVE: Selwyn Snowball headliner revealed

Of course we got the exclusive, this is The Tab.

house phillip george Selwyn snowball

The Selwyn Snowball is a bit like everyone else’s May Ball, but with a funnier name because it’s all festive and stuff. 

This year, for the first time ever, Selwyn have gone with a DJ as their headliner: none other than pop-house puppy Phillip George.

At just 21 years old, Phillip George is young enough to still be buying two for £5 VK’s at Cindies and dancing awkwardly to Still Dre, except he recently hit Number 4 in the UK charts and is headlining the Snowball (and you’re not).


Selwyn Snowball Ents man Ayrton Dhillon is suitably smug about this announcement:

It was incredible for us to manage to get someone who reached No. 1 on the UK iTunes chart no less than two weeks ago. He’s only just starting, but with his first two singles has produced songs that have and will be heard in the clubs and on the radio for a long time. Two singles and two top 10 UK chart bangers.”

It was No. 2 in the UK iTunes charts, Ayrton, but we’ll let that slide.

He must be good if he knows how to do that hands-in-the-air thing.

Having recently played at the ultra-cool Warehouse Project with Robin Shultz and Oliver Heldens, and a stint in the Ibiza super-clubs this summer, Selwyn can be pretty pleased with themselves for luring him down to Cambridge.

Having had two top 5 hits, a string of big performances and a rising profile at the age of 21, we can pretty much guarantee his name will be around for a while to come and you can say, “Oh yeah I saw that guy in Cambridge when he first started out” and people will think you’re proper awesome.

The big night is on Friday 4th of December – tickets go on sale Saturday – 9.00 am for Selwyn students and 10.00 am for everyone else.