REVIEW: Buoyband

Justin Yang was buoyed up by this delightful night of stand up.

buoyband Corpus Playroom Footlights haydn jenkins orlando gibbs Stand Up yaseen kader

In their one hour show, Buoyband – formerly known as Failed Boyband – veteran comics Haydn Jenkins, Orlando Gibbs, and Yaseen Kader ham it up in between impromptu ballet performances, stories about Djokovic’s manhood, and passionate defences of Kanye West much to the delight of its audience.

The show warmed the audience up with a group performance explaining what it was to be a Buoyband/Boyband with Orlando Gibbs on the keyboard as lead vocalist. The liberal use of puns in this performance was exceptionally well-received by the audience and would continue to provide quick laughs throughout the night.

In the first set, Haydn Jenkins delighted the audience with his outstanding comedic timing, endearing neuroticism, and slight manic delivery. A master of dry observational comedy, Haydn guided the audience through the absurdity of the mundane and even treated viewers to an impromptu ballet performance set to “Uptown Funk.” One audience member, nonplussed, enquired whether Haydn had simply taken the opportunity to get his kit off — Haydn demurred.

Yaseen Kader, Orlando Gibbs and Haydn Jenkins

Following a great first set, Orlando Gibbs took the stage to an audience, warmed up and eager for more. With his happy-go-lucky demeanour and self-deprecating brand of humour, Orlando charmed the audience and delivered great zingers about his time working at Wimbledon, including the time he saw Novak Djokovic’s (massive) manhood and when Roger Federer left a number two in the men’s room. At times cringe-worthy but always hilarious, Orlando shone as the strongest set of Buoyband.

Finally, Yaseen Kader closed the night out with his set based on “sex, drugs, and rock-and roll.” More self-effacing and less of a stage presence than his two fellow comedians, Yaseen was an understated gem who showed a keen understanding of the humour of his fellow millennials. Most memorably, Yaseen delivered an impassioned mock defense of Kanye West

All in all, Buoyband delivered an hour chock-full with good laughs and enough puns to last this reviewer until next term. No lifeboat needed for these boys, Buoyband floats along on its own effervescent wit.

4/5 Stars