Cam You Cook? CU-TV release Cambridge’s first cooking show

Student society CU-TV – Cambridge University Television – has just released the first episode of its debut series Cam You Cook online.

Cam You Cook? Cambridge cooking Cambridge TV CU-TV

The show sees two teams compete against one another to cook the best possible meal after being presented with a host of mystery ingredients. 

This week’s episode features posh girl duo, Minnie and Laura, from St John’s and clueless cooks Matt and Fiona from Tit Hall.

Sassy John’s gals

Things don’t always run smoothly, as the Tit Hall team work up a dish described as ‘Tiannamen Square in a bowl’ and presenter William Fonzface is left red-faced by the feisty sass of the John’s girls.

Director Rianna Croxford said: “It was hard juggling ten work schedules to organise the filming of the first episode, but everyone was super keen and that enthusiasm really shines through in the show.

Discerning judge-cum-presenter, William Fonzface

“I was blown away by the creativity and the technical skill of the contestants – there’s some serious culinary talent in Cambridge.”

The series is part of a CU-TV relaunch under new editor-in-chief Lily Rosengard, who is also overseeing the production of a number of reality shows, documentaries and scripted comedies.


Editor Martin Coulter said: “The new team is great and we’re always looking for people to sign up who have new ideas.

“Cam You Cook was definitely a learning experience but I think we’re going to take everything that happened in episode one, everything we learned about the production process, and use it to our advantage for the next one.”

You can watch the episode here.