Which ARCSOC event are you?

Have you ever wanted to know what // edgy event >> you’d be if your spirit was encapsulated in a // club night at Fez?

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We all know that architects have the edgy edge over everyone. ARCSOC are best buds with Turf, they always have bizarre (and dare I say pretentious) dress up themes and they love // using >> symbols ** when words >> would suffice.

So now is your moment to truly become that artistic person you will never be.

So wavy.

Firstly, listen to some minimalist techno, the sounds of dolphins at sea or some meditation music. Get in touch with your *inner being*. Take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth // Calm //

Now, allow your true self to select your favourite colour:

Life truly is in technicolour

  1. *Magenta*
  2. Amethyst //
  3. || Azure ||
  4. $ Charcoal $
  5. \\ Forest green
  6. ~~ Lava ~~
  7. #Lemon
  8. << Sepia >>

Remember your answer, push it to the side of your mind and this time pick your favourite building or piece of art from this list:

a) Pick || GOTHIC || if you associate with overpowering late medieval buildings, huge windows and lots and lots of arches.

Don’t those gargoyles turn you on?

b) Go for ~~ GRAFFITI ~~ if you’re too urban and cool for that ancient shit

Is there a student room without a banksy and a Pulp Fiction poster?

c) But maybe you want to rebel against current society and aspire to a purer aesthetic. Clearly, you’ve got to choose the // PRE-RAPHAELITES //:

Not even herbal essences can make hair this luscious

d) Perhaps you feel a bit too eccentric to be boxed in like this. You may be a bit surreal, but you’re a personality in your own right. You can be *DALI*:

If his twirly moustache doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what will

e) Or, maybe you’re sitting there feeling sheepish because actually you have no idea about any of the above as you think it’s all just (RUBBISH).

How my brain feels after a few weeks back at Cambridge

We have the ingredients, next we have to combine your chosen colour with your selected // art movement // in order to work out what *ARCSOC* theme best represents you. For the record, I’d be // Azure // Preraphaelites //

“Wait a minute,” I hear you cry, “there cannot possibly be an ARCSOC night without a theme! This is an outrage!”

// Don’t worry, the path to discovering your theme is next //

Answer this question for me, think deeply because your answer will correlate to a specific dress code.

What do you think is the true key to happiness in this meaningless existence?

a) For the hopeless romantics out there, this one is for you. You pick LOVE as the ultimate goal. Since this often goes hand in hand with sex, as a little extra gift, your dress up theme will be BONDAGE. Get your leather on and feel the love.

b) Lovers come and go, but FRIENDS AND FAMILY are always there. In this case, we must look to the animal world for inspiration as this theme is WOLVES. This is not because you are predatory, but because you love to stay loyal to your pack. Unfortunately, a furry wolf costume may not be best suited to the sweatiness of a packed night at Fez but at least you can howl at the moon till your arty heart is content.

So majestic. Much hipster. Very howl

c) Even though you love your friends and family, you couldn’t live without food. Plus, all you really want in life is FOOD, and you can’t do anything to help that. Remember when Lady Gaga wore the meat dress? Well, we want you to do the same, only this time you must literally wear a WHOLE BALANCED MEAL. Cover yourself in condiments, sprinkle yourself with sesame seeds, wrap kale around your body or fashion a belt from Quorn sausages, whatever you wish as long as you’re wearing all the proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals you need to keep you dancing.

d) Maybe the previous options were far too unambitious for you, what you want is MONEY and you want a bloody lot of it. It couldn’t possibly get much better than literally becoming royalty, so your theme is to dress up as your favourite member of the ENGLISH DYNASTY, in particular TUDORS if possible but this is not strictly enforced. Chains and powerful hats, however, are completely compulsory.

Look at that stance. Think of all the wives. He’s the original lad.

e) For those of you who have broken out in sweats at this question because you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE, you’ve got to dress up as an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS. Make sure not to have too much of an existential crisis just thinking about how you’d do this. Surely everything is a costume if you don’t know who you are anymore? Or maybe nothing is a costume? What’s the point of costumes anyway???

/// Add up your scores and comment below /// Create the event >> Invite me to your pardy