Cambridge is being taken over by gangsters

A grime wave is about to hit Cambridge University.

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The Cambridge University Freshers Facebook group is an easy source of cheap laughs, deep cringes and material for flimsy Tab articles.

Year after year the group fills up with young and over-keen freshers eager to tell us all about their gap year in Timbuktu, or the ground-breaking information that they like tea and Netflix (so does everybody, get over yourself).

Hannah: inaugural GrimeSoc President 2k15.

This year however there is a new flavour in the boring broth of post A-level hysteria and tedious “about me” sections: the new intake are mad for grime.

So much keen.

You read that right. Halls across Cambridge will be ringing out with BBK’s newest track, or whatever SB:TV tells you is good that day. There have even been calls in the freshers group to set up a grime society within the hallowed walls of this prestigious institution.

That is your spiritual God, Skepta, in Cambridge.

The end of last term saw grime hit Cambridge in a big way with Skepta performing at the insanely good Strawberries & Creem festival. With Stormzy performing here just after term starts and this new influx of book-reading road-kids, this could be a good year for urban music in what is essentially a city full of choral services and brass bands.

You can tell I know about grime because I wear one of those hats.

Amidst all the classical music and oompah bands (oh yes, you wait for Christmas) there are some good places to go and if you’ve just joined the University keep an eye out for Sunday nights at Fez and the new and improved Creem nights. I’ve even heard whispers they might be planning on bringing a pretty ‘big and nasty’ act here at some point in the coming year.

Cambridge is about to get shutdown.