How tough are Cambridge clubs?

Lola Lo is more dangerous than spoons

Cambridge Clubs police

Not that tough to be honest. But they still pack a punch.

New reports from Cambridgeshire Police show a 10-month snapshot of how many times our local clubs and pubs call for the boys in blue.

And it looks like Lola Los is the rowdiest, with a total of 56 call outs, 23 of which were for violent incidents (including the guy who got his ear bitten off in October) and seven for noise complaints.

Local Spoons, The Regal, was next on the list for the most callouts, totalling 52 cries for help including ten for violence, nine for drugs and six for noise complaints.

Cambridge’s biggest public drug den.

Cantabs favourite Cindies proved how tough they are with all their 20 call outs being for scraps on the dance floor.

Last resort Life was up next with a total of 24 call outs – 13 of those for punch ups.

These guys look like they’re after blood.

Inspector Matt Johnson said: “Cambridge has a thriving night time economy which attracts thousands of people into the city centre each week.

“Dedicated police patrols are conducted to ensure the safety of those visiting and working in the city during the evenings. These patrols are enhanced with support from the Street Pastors.

“The Constabulary works closely with licensed premises and their door staff who proactively engage with anyone they suspect of being involved in drugs, anti-social behaviour or criminality”.

Looks like those breathalysers will be coming in sooner than we thought after this big reveal.