Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair

GEORGINA WONG and VICCI NELMES scout out the best-dressed shoppers at The Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair

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On Saturday 9th May, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair descended upon Cambridge and set up shop in the Guildhall: a treasure trove for students looking to pick up vintage bargains. The Tab’s fashion team joined in on the fun to find out what all the fuss was about.

Tess, fresher, History, King’s 

What are you looking for today? “Bright colours, and things that are a bit different”


Michael, Cambridge School of Art 

Ged, 3rd year, Theology, Fitzwilliam

Can we take a photo of you? “Me?! This shirt is from Next! Are you serious?”

Tatiana, 3rd year, English, Trinity 

Wallis, fresher, Music, Pembroke & Adam, fresher, Music, Caius

What are you looking for today? “Something quirky and unique. Actually, don’t put that in the article…can we not have a caption please?”

Flora, fresher, English, Clare  

Abby, MPhil Development Studies, Darwin & Katie, MPhil Social Anthropology, Darwin

Abby: “I’m looking for a May Ball dress!”