Cambridge for Consent posters are now being defaced

And no one is laughing

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‘Jokesters’ shocked fellow students after defacing Cambridge for Consent campaign posters.

College volunteers were stunned to find their hard work mocked by known individuals from Trinity, forcing the reps to remove the posters.

The poster taglined ‘no means no’, was vandalised to read ‘no means yes’.

If you think no means yes you shouldn’t be studying at Cambridge.

In an email to the students of Trinity, Women’s officer Beth Cloughton said: “I already know those responsible and I want them to consider the 1 in 5 women who have been victims of an attack, 1 in 3 in Cambridge. I want them to consider the psychological as well as physical repercussions of such a horrendous event

“Remember, consent is not a joke. No means no”.

In further comment Beth said: “Cambridge for Consent is a resilient and active force in our student community and cannot be silenced.

“Actions of this nature exemplify why a cause such as Cambridge for Consent is so necessary.

Our dept. ed. showing his support

Are you wearing your Cambridge for Consent ribbon?

“Consent is a form of respect, and without it you are breaching another individual’s fundamental rights to autonomy. Consent shouldn’t be a question of whether or not they ‘deserve’ to have limits and boundaries, consent is an applicable practice universally not for a few privileged people

“Whilst Trinity is supposed to house some of the brightest minds, it seems that there is something dark appearing in a few students. Actually taking the time out of their presumably busy day (ruining lives) revising, to mark the Cambridge for Consent poster with something lower than the wit of a scoundrel, is perplexing and infuriating.

“Defacing a poster in a college may not seem to warrant such press, but micro aggressions such as these perpetuate sexual violence by making ‘jokes’ about it normalised and commonplace

“Show your support by wearing a Teal Ribbon, which your college’s representative will have, and by liking the Cambridge for Consent page:

Vandals, put your sharpies away – we won’t tell you again.