Oxford vs Cambridge University Challenge: Live blog


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In the wake of Oxford’s victory in a minor and insignificant event you may have come across on Saturday (the goat race), it’s time to trade in boat for brains, muscles for memory and tall people for teddybear mascots, as Magdalen College, Oxford and Caius College, Cambridge come head to head in the greatest British institution of all: University Challenge.

If you’re watching this great event unfold, we’d love to hear your comments and re-post selfies of you watching tensely on your sofa at home with family and pets. E-mail them to [email protected], tweet us at @tabcambridge or Facebook message us on our page. Our reporters will be running an intense, 30-minute live blog, bringing you all the latest on the show as we hope and pray for a Caius victory.

20:30 Alas, its all over. Cambridge are looking deservedly victorious, Oxford are looking appropriately dismayed, and I am feeling decidedly motion sick as a result of the aggressive camera zoom.

20:28 Absolute demolition. Loveday could have probably beat Magdalene on his own.

20:25 Cambridge on 240. Oxford on 90. We’re calling this for Cambridge. WE ARE THE SMARTER UNIVERSITY.

20:24 It’ll be ok hun. You got this.

20:22 We just noticed how overdressed Quinn is.

20:21 Paxo is impressed. Ted, you are achieving great great things.

He’s better than me.

20:20 The lead is strong with Cambridge on 145 and Oxford on 95.

20:17 That moment of unadulterated satisfaction when Oxford provide an answer with arrogant certainty, only for their hopes and dreams to be swiftly quashed by Paxman and his cards of knowledge.

20:14 Peterhouse JCR: ” The Music round makes us feel so bloody uncultured. “

20:13 Cambridge on 95. Oxford on 40. This is looking good.

20:10 Someone clearly isn’t feeling the pressure of being on BBC.

He looks happy.

20:09 Strong jumper game from Caius.

20:08 Oxford on 45. Cambridge on 40. It’s close. We will say no more.

20:07 Can we appreciate the impeccable bone structure of Caius Captain Martinelli.


20:05 Looks like Loveday has met his match in Magdalene Binnie. Equally quick, equally beautiful names.

20:03 Paxo looking as smug as ever.

What would we do without you Paxo…

20:00 It’s begun. Loveday looks so cute.

19:56 4 minutes to go. We don’t know about you but we are fucking excited to see Loveday.

19:53 Chivers and Loveday. One for the history books…

Ahh such love..

19:35 Tab editor Charlotte Ivers thinks “Ted Loveday might be the finest example of humanity this University has produced.”

19:30 Saoirse from Magdalene asks that we use the hashtag #allyouneedisloveday

19:21 Caius Captain Anthony Martinelli talks to us about the the fame and glory of being on University Challenge. “The attention has been amazing though – people have been shouting CAIUS MARTINELLI at me in the  streets.” His lips are sealed as to who wins tonight as BBC has slapped him with a tight embargo.

18:50 First update of the day. In house reporter Finn McRedmond gives us all the latest from her crib at Peterhouse. “Caius team is looking well fit” she says.