Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Races 2015: Live blog


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Welcome to our live on-the-spot coverage of the 161st BNY Mellon Boat Race… and the first EVER Newton Women’s Boat Race on the River Thames.

Watch the action unfold as for the first time in history the gals are joining the guys as half of London and all the non-revising Oxbridge students take to the pub/park armed with cider, fags and scarves in various shades of blue.

Whether you’re watching the race from the dockside or from the library, we’d love to hear your comments and re-post your photos – we’ve got nothing better to do on this fine afternoon. E-mail them to [email protected], tweet us at @TabCambridge, Facebook message us on our page, or text us on 074 6848 3267. Alternatively, find us at Furnivall Gardens. We’ll be the two people typing frenetically on MacBook screens whilst everyone else is having loads of fun.


19:18 WE HAVE ONE LAST BIT OF STUDENT REACTION FOR YOU. King’s heartthrob Oliver Sluijters talks to us from his crib in Amsterdam: “This is a dark day for the blues.” We couldn’t agree more.

19:17 And that’s it from us folks. Sachin has gone home stressed. Vica is smashed out of her mind and Chivers is sitting in Pembroke feeling sorry for the two of us. Till next year…

18:16 Claire Balding tho.

18:14 Ah well. It’s been real guys.

18:11 We’ve been sent this photo. Consolation.

18:09 Oxford cross the line. WE HAVE 33 MORE NOBEL PRIZES THAN YOU

18:07 ‘This is turning into a parade for Oxford’ – BBC commentators.

18:06 I’m calling Cambridge as the more attractive team.

18:03 I’ll just leave this here. http://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables/rankings

18:02 Oh fuck. Oxford are clear.

18:01 Never met the guy, should probably clarify. But still.

18:00 Ian Middleton is back as cox. I love him.


17:58 Oxford ahead. Only half a length in it.

17:53 They’re off. Oxford in the lead.

17:48 The men are just getting into place.BBC studiously ignoring the reserves’ race. I’ll do the same, as we are losing.

17:36  Reaction from the Churchill crowd: “Oxford is vile and should shut down.”

We are angry

17:32 The toilet queue is getting intense. Verbal fights breaking out left, right and centre.


17:22 This is why you should never care about rowing. This.

17:20 ‘It’s the taking part that counts.’

17:16 Team on the ground are not happy, and are stress smoking to cope. In Selwyn bar, the in house expert decrees ‘I just want to go hug them.’

17:15 Ah well. History just got made. Well done all.

17:10 Oxford cross the line. They look happy.

17:06  Ah fuck. 4 lengths.

17:04 Coming up to the halfway mark.

17:02 ‘Yeh well we have like 30/40 more Nobel prizes than they have.’ In house expert has changed his tune.

17:01 The face of a man heartbroken by his university.

17:00 A third of the way through – Oxford lead by 2.5 lengths. *prepares lecture on how much more money they have to spend on this shit.*

16:58 ‘If Cambridge keep at this, there’s a chance in the last 200 yards they can just blast them.’ Our in house expert speaks again.

16:57 Oxford very much out in front now.

16:54 ‘Cambridge has an advantage at this corner. If they lose here, they’ve lost.’- In house rowing expert.

16:53 Nearly half a length. Fuckers.

16:52 And they’re off. Oxford leading by quarter length.

16:51 ‘Fuck Cambridge’

16:50 Women at the start line.

16:49 There’s a vet in the women’s boat. What did you achieve today?

16:48 BBC reporting: ‘Yes, the rowers are going to row in a rowing manner. Yes. Rowing.’

16:46 These guys are from Amsterdam and are apparently just here to support the sun. I can get behind that.

16:43 Some Oxford supporters by the river: ‘We’re just here for the sun to be honest’

16:41 Selwyn Bar: ‘Why do Oxford never smile in their photos?’ ‘Maybe it’s because they know they are going to lose.’

16:39 Everyone is getting excited by the prospect of media coverage. Aren’t we all.

16:37 Former international rowing champion and homerton undergrad cantab, Jon Hughs, is “100% absolutely in my element.”

16:34 BBC coverage. ‘Tell us why Oxford are so great.’ How about not. This is the real bias in the BBC.

16:24 Olympic gold medal holder Martin Cross, official timekeeper for the women’s race tells us he is excited to be officially part of such an historic occasion for rowing and he hopes that his battered stopwatch is up to the job of timing the race…

16.14 Got some people here who have come all the way from South Africa to watch the race. Now that’s commitment.

“In it to win it”

16.01 Furnivall is heaving with a capital H!

15.59 Our sources tell us Oxford won the girls’ coin toss and Cambridge won the men’s. Ladies, we’re praying for you!

15.44 Cambridge fans are out in force! Gwarrrrn ladies.

15.11 Furnivall Gardens is filling up at a ridiculous pace. The fight for grass-space in front of the big screen is all too real. Risking life and limb (or rather, wine and handbags) spreading our shit all over our turf to save space for our (fictional) friends. Ding ding ding.

15.05 So apparently Oxford won the coin toss. Just fuck off already.

It’s OK guys everyone knows you’re the real winners

15.01 Let the second update of the day be one of sallow distaste for the Boat Race Press Team. It seems they haven’t quite caught on to what a Big Fucking Deal we are here so all our knowledge/coverage will be coming straight from spectators/the Beeb. It’s OK though, TCS and Varsity didn’t get ’em either.

14.45 Upon arrival we were greeted by this procession of frog-marching sailors (?) with rosettes posing as nipple tassels. Why? Who knows. London, innit.

Bet we’d know what this was all about if the Beeb gave us press passes #notbitter

16:06 Cam women about to boat.

Wish em luck..

16:09 Women now on water. Woot. Woot.