Which ornate building is your college?

Next up, “Which College is your college”.

meta. Cambridge

Which ornate building do you reckon your college is? Will it be King’s Chapel, will it be Heffers?!

King’s – King’s Chapel

It’s ornate, it’s topped with phallic structures, and most importantly, it also has the word ‘King’ in its title.

Clare – Pembroke Buttery

What building could Clare be, other than Pembroke buttery? It’s tasty and sells pancakes. People of Clare – you deserve this.

Churchill – Sainsbury’s

A popular thorough-fair known for its assortment of food and drink. Churchill has roughly 4 walls and a ceiling, much like Sainsbury’s. And both of them have a self-check out aisle.

Ely – King’s Cross

This college is so far away it’s in London! Or it’s mythical. I bet everyone who goes to Ely got pooled.

Newnham – Murray Edwards

These two cheeky colleges both have the same number of ‘E’s and ‘K’s in their names – what a match!

Emmanuel – Emma Watson

Lol what a curveball.

Magdalene – Magdalene Bridge

Magdalene students are well known for their unhealthy obsession with bridges. What are they like?!

St John’s – John Lewis

Not technically a building, we know. But what else so perfectly describes the name of this college?

Join us next term for another instalment of ‘Which Inane Object is Your College?’