RAG Come Dine With Me: Which course is your college?

“Like Blind Date but less awkward, and in a team”

cambridge colleges Come Dine With Me RAG

Cambridge RAG Come Dine With Me is a chance for you and two friends to meet new people and see another college from the inside.

Its like Blind Date, but less awkward, and with a team.

At least this time we can play team sports

Teams of guys will be matched with teams of girls. Each team of three will cook one meal at their place and enjoy a meal at another college. Same sex and mixed gender teams and swaps are also welcome.

After the meal, each of you marks the night out of ten and highest scorers will receive a prize from RAG. There will also be the opportunity to have your recipes and stories featured in student publications (like this one).

Dates for meals (these are negotiable):

– 28th February

– 3rd March

£5 per person with all proceeds going to RAG ballot charities. Get excited and sign up here: http://www.cambridgerag.org.uk/events/small-events/come-dine-with-me/

Drinks Reception: Trinity Hall

A warm up to Trinity proper.

Shots = fired

Canopes: Petehouse

Though no-one notices they’re there and they’re not entirely satisfying, these tiny treats still manage to be surprisingly rich (in flavour. Wordplay, you see).

Soup: Hughes Hall

Suitable for the elderly.

Constituting the majority of Cambridge’s Tinder population

Starter: Quail’s egg: Trinity

Hand raised on pretentiousness.

Palate cleanser: Fitz

Non-offensive, just a bit bland.

Insulting your audience is a valid advertising ploy.

Main course, Vegetarian Dumplings: Homerton

Simple and satisfying

Main course, Swan: St Johns

Missed the p(h)easants and shot the swan.

Yeah. Up yours John’s.

Dessert, Newnham

Sickly sweet, but you can always find room for more.

Cheese board: Catz

So keen that they may give you nightmares.

It’s funny cos Catz drink milk. From which you make cheese.

Coffee: Medwards

Keep you up all night.

Post dinner whiskey: Caius

Don’t know when to call it a night.

So please get involved and get cookin’!