Confessions of an MML-er

So alphabet. Many letters, much language

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A is for Alarm. It’s not often we have to get up for a 9am, which makes it all the more painful when we do. Last year I had supervisions as early as 8.15am, so we don’t have much sympathy for the sciences.

B is for Bisous. Pronounced ‘bee-zoo’ and French for ‘kisses,’ this is how people think we greet each other and our supervisors. Nice cultural touch, but not actually true.

C is for Corridors. The ones in the Raised Faculty Building are so narrow that we literally have to walk single file.

D is for Diversity. So many cultures in a building on stilts.

E is for Eavesdropping. We love it when we’re walking behind a tourist and can understand all the gossip. Not that we’re nosy, but the temptation to listen is too hard to resist.

We even study eavesdropping


F is for Fluency. We’re kidding you if we say we’re fully fluent. One day, perhaps…

G is for Google translate. We know it’s shite but when you realise you’ve got a translation due in half an hour, who ya gonna call?

Problem solved


H is for Hungry. Hungry for travel, hungry for food. It seems to be a constant emotion now. Yes, emotion.

I is for Instagram. Snaps of suitcases and sunny locations of the Year Abroad/preparation for it. Also for when you’re done procrastinating on Facebook. Thank me later.

#cantclosemysuitcase #mmlprobs


J is for Jobs. Sounds so serious. Thank goodness MML lasts four years.

K is for Knoblauch. Means garlic in German. Productive vocab learning.

A vital ingredient for language learning


L is for ‘Lul.’ My twist of ‘lol’ – so overrated. It was all going so well until I discovered it means ‘willy’ in Dutch. Lul.

M is for Mélange. We have a kind of 241 deal in the MML dept, some of us even have 341. Bored of one language? Move on to the other, or the other…

N is for Netflix. Enough said.

No-one needs to know


O is for Opinion. Yes, Italian sounds lyrical and romantic but there’s something about the deep, guttural echoes of the Germanic languages that’s just oh-so-sexy.

Ooh ja


P is for Procrastination. But does watching movies in French count?

Q is for Quirky. This is my favourite English word at the mo and I think it sums up MML parfaitement.

R is for Roald Dahl. Downing May Ball Committee, I salute you.

S is for Secret. If we don’t want everyone to know what we’re saying, we’ll say it in another language. So convenient. Until you realise that someone else in the room speaks Spanish too.

T is for Tourists. Looking up from your hard work in the library to see them TAKING PHOTOS of you through the window is just creepy. And yes that is a true story.

U is for Urlaub. (‘Err-lowb’) German for ‘holiday.’ Our Year Abroad is essential for learning the culture and language of a country. We still have to study or work, so no we are not ‘skiving off’ for a year, thank you very much.

We still have to work ya know


V is for Vino. ‘Language is wine upon the lips’ – Virginia Woolf. She knew her stuff. Elegant, fruity, different ones to choose from…

W is for Waterstones. Reading and partying at the same time? It’s a win-win situation. ‘Life’ and ‘Kuda’ just don’t give the same reassuring spin.

Cheeky cheeky


X is for Xylophone. Languages are music. Discuss.

Y is for Yolo. (I’m cringing too). Take the lift to the top floor of the lecture block?

Z is for Zzz. The depravation is beginning to show. Yeah, this applies to any course but the cheerful, bubbly nature of us MMLers can’t be interrupted by a lack of Zs.