Reflections on Cambridge after a year abroad

When people ask me how my year abroad in Japan went, I usually say “it was interesting”.

What do Cambridge students (really) do in a day?

9am: cure cancer. 11am: brunch…

History examiners told not to use the word ‘genius’ as it is associated with men

The statement follows news of radical History Faculty reform

Which absolutist monarch is your college?

Since all Cambridge students have egos large enough to rival Charles I

Everybody hates the Land Economy student

Narrated by Chris Rock

7 Ways to Intimidate Your Exam Competition

Scam your way to a 2:1

It’s better to be emotionless in Cambridge

This is no place for the weak

University Proposes New Degree Classification System

No more lying on your CV

A very Cambridge Christmas message from The Tab

Fa la la la la

I already hate my degree

Need I say more? The rest is history.

Supreme overlord Ban Ki-moon to stop off in Cambridge

Model UN kids psyched.

Cambridge First Year told in Disney Songs

A tale as old as time

Confessions of an MML-er

So alphabet. Many letters, much language

Best ways to game away your degree

LOUIS SHANKAR’S nifty list of video games will have your eyes square in no time.

Why I’d rather be happy than rich

In pursuit of that six figure salary? Unlikely lawyer ROBERT EYERS thinks you need to sort your life out.

No Fun Without Funding

BEN JONES suggests a solution to the problem of postgraduate funding, and argues that every student should be granted the opportunity.

Lecture Hopping: Take Two

MOLLIE WINTLE continues The Tab’s series of lecture hopping. This week, it’s Medicine, NatSci and PPS.

I Heart Hard Exams

JOE BATES wants harder exams. But not for him: for his little sister.

The Tab Companion to: Walks of Shame

RUTH MAINER explains how to turn the traditional Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride without having to shag Brad Pitt…

Life After Cambridge: Part One

IZZY PRITCHARD is back from beyond the graduation, dishing the dirt on what life’s really like after Cambridge. In the first of a three part series, she’s feeling a little lost in London.