20k Cantab success stories ‘inspire a generation’ in new CUSU book

CUSU pulling it out the bag

cambridge inspiring leadership and innovation cusu book

In the inspirational words of Daniel Bedingfield: “I gotta make, gunna make, gunna make it through”. 

But Bedingfield isn’t the only one throwing inspirational words around for students. CUSU, in collaboration with publisher St James’s House, have released their latest publication filled with 20,000 Cantab success stories from past and present.

Ooh, fancy

Not only that, but Cambridge: Inspiring Leadership & Innovation aims to smooth the transition from carefree university life to the 9-to-5 working world and help you to become top dog in your respective field.

Ever felt disheartened about future prospects? According to this book, it’s not all doom and gloom.

There’s a big bright light at the end of the university tunnel – you’ve just got to make it there.

St James’s House Director Richard Freed said: “It’s a fascinating process working with CUSU.”

Have faith – all those hours spent in the library will be worth it in the long run

“The individuals that they represent are a source of endless inspiration – the impact that they’ve had on the world we live in today is simply incredible.”

Caian Chloe Abbott was touched: “Our time here is so fleeting, and often we can feel stuck under the shadow of our glorious forefathers.

“This book so wonderfully encapsulates all the amazing things they do.

“Truly, this will inspire a generation.”

The book, available online here, contains contributions from globally prominent alumni such as Dr Vince Cable (Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills) and Dr Qian Tang (UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Education).

So heed their words Cantabs and turn that frown upside down: you’re gonna get through this.