Pick your team for Super Bowl XLIX

The Cambridge Pythons are here to help you pick a side for this Sundays big game

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The Super Bowl. You’ve probably heard of it – but do you know who you should be cheering for on the 1st February? If not, then don’t worry – the Cambridge Pythons are here to help you decide which of the two contenders should get your support.

Who will it be: the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots?

Pick your side for the big game


Joe Yarwood (Quarterback of trickshot video fame) has been a Seahawks fan for over five years and has three reasons why you should join him on Sunday:


  1. Haven’t you heard? 2015 is the year of the ‘ Actually, the Seahawk to be more precise. For an impressive second year in a row Seattle is competing in the Super Bowl for the right to be called World Champions.


  1. Beast Mode. If you’re not familiar with the hard running, utterly bulldozing “beast mode” of running back Marshawn Lynch, then you really should be. Lynch is widely regarded as one of the best running backs in the NFL and watching him run over, around and through potential tacklers is a sight to behold. So when he starts rumbling, make sure you start shouting!


  1. O.B. aka the Legion Of Boom. This is the name that the defensive backs of the Seahawks defence have given themselves. The defence of this team is playing at an all time great level and doing it with such confidence, bravoso and uniqueness, its hard not to cheer them on. In last years Super Bowl they played arguably the best defensive game in NFL history and they’ll be looking to do the same this time around. In this group are two of the most enjoyable players in the league to root for: Kam Chancellor who delivers some of the biggest hits you will ever see, and Richard Sherman who is the games best trash talker.


Join this guy and support the Seahawks!


Sam Thompson, a Pythons veteran of three years at Cornerback, has been supporting the Patriots since 2009 and has three reasons for why you should support the PATS:


  1. First of all a Patriots victory would build on the existing legacy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. This year Brady became the most successful playoff quarterback of all time as he now has the most passing yard, passing touchdowns and wins in post-season history. He will be starting in his sixth Super Bowl, which is record, and he is bidding to win his fourth (which would be a joint record for QBs). Then there’s Bill Belichick who is going to his ninth Super Bowl, which is also a record. He is considered by many to be the greatest coach in modern NFL history and one more Super Bowl would cement the Brady-Belichick Patriots as one of the greatest dynasties ever to play in the NFL. To support the Patriots is to support history in the making.


  1. It’s been no easy road this year for New England, with the low point being the 28 point loss to Kansas City in September. After that they were on to Cincinnati, and proved themselves more than capable of beating some of the hardest competition put in front of them. This was again evidenced throughout the playoffs with a 35-31 win against the Ravens followed by a 45-7 demolition of the Colts in the Championship game.


  1. The best reason to be a Patriots fan is that you get to support Rob Gronkowski (Gronk), who is the best offensive weapon in Football. At 6 ft 6’ and 19 stone he is an unstoppable force once he gets going, watching him go up against the Legion of Boom will be a sight to behold. However what makes Gronk such a lovable character is not only his on field performance its what he does when he’s not playing. Whether it’s driving to games in a party bus or doing a photo shoot with kittens he is always having a great time. But when he gets on the field this Sunday the Seahawks better watch out.


Watch the game in one of Cambridge’s most famous locations


Decision made? Better get your tickets to The Cambridge Super Bowl Party 2015 (http://cambridgesuperbowl.com) and come support your newly adopted team down at the Union from 9pm on Sunday 1st Feb. Hundreds of fans will be there, with food, drink and all the action live from Arizona! Join the event at http://bit.do/SuperBowlParty15. Then if you feel inspired to play football, talk to the Pythons at the game!