Student cyclists to be hit by inventive new punishment

Cycling school


The police are cracking down on cyclists bending the law – but not how you’d expect.

The next time you’re spotted jumping a light or travelling without lights, the cops won’t necessarily fine you.

Instead, under the bizarrely-named ‘Cycling Discretionary Scheme’, cheeky cyclists face being sent back to school.

Better safe than sorry

Sgt Ian Wood, of the city’s neighbourhood policing team, explained to Cambridge News that similar “diversionary courses for motorists have been well received.

He hopes “the forthcoming scheme for cyclists will be equally effective.”

His comments come as the police revealed just how far cyclists need to sharpen up their act.

More than 40 cyclists were stopped by police in “just” two days in October for jumping red lights on Hills Road; being “late for work” was the most common excuse.

Proposals include a ear-twisting and wrist-slapping

Finola Carey, casualty reduction officer for the Cambridgeshire force, said the scheme “should be ready to roll out by October 2015.”

“The course is more than likely going to be an online one which will take around an hour to complete.

She added that there will still “be a charge for cyclists to undertake this course instead of them paying the offence fine”.