Killer’s heart-wrenching cry for help stuns Carols From King’s second year

Isn’t he sweet

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A “shaken” female student fears for her safety after receiving an emotional letter from a convicted killer.

Johnnie Allan, 55, sent the revealing letter from maximum security Long Lartin Prison because he saw the student – who wants to remain anonymous – reading on the famous Carols From King’s service broadcast on Christmas Eve.

Mr Allan – who was found guilty of a multi-million pound drug plot in 1997 and the murder of a fellow suspect – sent the letter after the student’s “beautiful reading […] touched [his] heart.”

The man himself

He writes: “I found you tweaking my imagination after seeing and hearing you.

“Trapped inside my concrete cube I decided to send you this speculative (almost message-in-a-bottle) type letter, taking the million-to-one chance you might be interested.

“This message could: a) Spark off a stimulating connection; b) Make you turn my envelope into a paper aeroplane floating into your wastebin.”

Letter from an ‘ulcer’

And it turns out Allan is starting a campaign.

He adds: “I could lay in my cell and remain paralyzed by the situation or I can try to […] influence my future by starting a campaign of writing to people.”

Allan claims: “After I tried to expose high level police corruption I actually became their prime target to silence and cover their ass…

“They fabricated and manipulated evidence using extreme tactics of fear, threat, promise and misinformation utilizing techniques developed during ‘PROJECT MKULTRA,’ ‘KUBARK’ and more recently ‘Persistent Adversity’ methods employed by the CIA.”


The baffled King’s second year said: “I was in a state of shock at first.

“I’ve just about got over it now and find it funny. But I do worry for my safety.”

According to the PenPals Behind Bars, Allan could be released as early as next year.

His pitiable plea describes the fortified prison as “a metropolis of men without women, a beehive without honey, caged loneliness without privacy, a farm where all the sheep are classified as black, a cement park with barbed-wire trees and an enormous microscope under which shrinks study the smear from civilisation’s ulcers.

“This prison is a place of punishment, pain, gladiatorial entertainment, stigma, labels, loss, cover-ups, state secrets, metapathologies and despair.”

Carols From King’s

Allan isn’t the only one to randomly get in touch. The reader explained: “I’ve got no fewer than ten friends requests from mostly creepy guys.

“Clearly, going on TV like this only leads to a cornucopia of harassment.

“It’s mostly been amusing and quite flattering but this letter is more extreme than anything I expected.”

Other readers at the service watched by millions report similar experiences but this is the only instance of criminal interaction.

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