Fit Engineer: Vote now

This week The Tab brings you the university’s sexiest engineers

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After the triumph of beauty that was last week’s array of fit mathmos, this week we bring you the university’s most beautiful engineers.

Vote below for the one you’d choose to design your Cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge, and look fantastic whilst doing it.

Matt, Pembroke

Matt once had his picture taken with the reggae reggae sauce guy. He likes tea, steam engines and red cups.

Flora, Caius

Flora describes her self as 1/cos(c), in her natural environment.

Ben, Johns

Ben is a second year who occasionally rows all day every day. Fun.

Bruno, Caius

Bruno is half-French and half-Welsh, makes excellent homemade guacamole and once saw a nun fall down an escalator.

Emma, Newnham

Emma loves the Maypole so much that there is a photo of her up by the bar. She also loves radio and innovative hair colours.

Edgar, Churchill

Edgar is a second-year engineer who is a fan of jazz, modernism, wearing waistcoats and typewriters. As a result people sometimes ask him what decade he’s from.

Gaia, Pembroke

Gaia is a second year who likes football, fun and power. Preferably all at once.


Next week we bring you Phys Natscis. If you know one, send them our way: [email protected].

Also, we are looking for Compscis.

But we envisage this as more of a long term project.