BREAKING: Sex psychopath hunts and attacks three women in a single night

On Friday night there were three separate sex attacks on Mill Road, Jesus Green and Grand Arcade

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Police have warned students and town-folk alike of an exceptional spate of severe sexual violence in Cambridge city centre.

The warning came after what seems to be a single sex predator struck three times in one night.

His chosen arenas of attack appear to be Mill Road, Jesus Green and Grand Arcade; at each of these, he targeted a different woman.

Jesus Green, where one of the attacks took place

Jesus Green, where one of the attacks took place

Detectives are fairly certain that in all three cases it was the same individual perpetrator, though they have not dismissed the possibility that these attacks could have been committed by multiple predators.

A force spokesman confirmed that the night in question was Friday October 17.

He added that: ‘Inquiries are ongoing and we are keeping an open mind as to whether they are linked.

“We would urge people to take general safety precautions such as walking in groups late at night and keeping to well-lit areas.”


Keep to well-lit areas if possible

While a serious blow to the perception of night-time security of Cambridge’s city centre, it is not yet a repeat of the particularly terrifying series of sex attacks back in 2011, when nine victims were harmed.

Vigilance, say the police, is vital.