BREAKING: Jeremy Paxman is boycotting us because we’re ‘disgraceful’

Paxo hates The Tab

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Jeremy Paxman today announced “I am boycotting The Tab” and branded our journalism “disgraceful”.

The former Newsnight anchor was in Churchill College today filming for a BBC documentary commemorating the death of Winston Churchill.

The Tab managed to bag an exclusive mini-interview with the legend by infiltrating the “strong room” of Churchill Archive Centre as the BBC crew was setting up.

But once the unimpressed Paxo heard for whom he was being interviewed, our reporter was quickly shown the door.

Apparently Churchill Archive Centre’s ‘strong room’ security system can be circumnavigated simply by walking in and looking official

The eyes say it all. ‘Get me away from this annoying journo’


Turns out the man used to work for Cambridge’s most relevant culture magazine Varsity “years ago”, and views The Tab as a “disgraceful newspaper”.

Join the fucking club, Jezza…