Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull get their own radio show

Seamonkey is go

‘Shocking’ gender pay gap persists at Cambridge University

Just 14% of the highest earners are women

LIVEBLOG: General Election Debate

All the big dogs are in town

General Election debate to be held in Cambridge

Feat. The Tories

REVEALED: Cambridge centre officially the most pro-remain area in the UK

Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit to Cambridge

‘All bets are off’: The creators of Sherlock on sensation, spoilers and season five

Sherlock spoilers inevitable

Bake Off’s Andrew: It sounds like Oxford students know how to party

The Tab inteviews Cantab cooking inspiration Andrew Smyth

Sidney Grad takes on the Great British Bake Off

Andrew Smyth, an Engineer from Cambridge, is set to take part in this year’s Great British Bake Off.

Jesus May Ball: Headliner REVEALED

JACK GARRATT will be headlining, joining the previously announced Coasts

LIVE: The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races

We’re braving the elements to bring you the action from this year’s rather blustery Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races.

The end of the Adonians? Peterhouse to cease hosting infamous society during term

Has the (not so) “secret” gay dining society at which fellows and old boys wine and dine male undergraduates finally been shunned by its long-standing host?

Peterhouse appoints their first female, LGBT+ Master

Peterhouse finds itself hurled into the 21st century

News Bulletin, Christmas: White tie violence, CUSU print drama and Varsity head patting

We round up the news

Pull the udder one: King’s cows have disappeared

We know we’re milking this one

Emily Maitlis has everyone’s dream job

You know you’ve made it when you’re invited back to speak at the Union

BBC to televise Varsity Rugby Match

They’ve fought Sky over this because we’re such a big deal

Victory! New lights installed on Jesus Green

Tab petition makes headway: WE WON! Sort of…

Whine of the week: Stubborn Northerners

CHARLIE DOWELL doesn’t understand why people like the North.

BREAKING: Jeremy Paxman is boycotting us because we’re ‘disgraceful’

Paxo hates The Tab

Five Radio 4 Programmes for the End of Term

The best from the wireless to help you at this difficult time.