A Chat with Pelican

The cast of Pelican, a new sketch show opening at the Corpus Playroom next week, talk to us about comedy, football, and birds

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Who are Pelican?

Sam, Theo, Jordan and Guy, but with some help from our friends Alex and Helen.

How did you four meet and start writing comedy together?

Theo found us separately, coaxed us into the same room and then locked the door. Pelican is the hour-long result of that incarceration. That was on Wednesday. We first met last year and have not looked back for a single second since!


No pelicans were hurt in the making of this poster

What has been the main influence on Pelican?

Other shows we’ve seen together in the past and the experience of living with each other over the last year.

What sets Pelican apart from other sketch shows at the Corpus Playroom?

The unique and intimate shape of the Corpus Playroom.

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What questions will the show ask of its audience?

We’d like to use a football metaphor to answer that question: We’ve heard that Dennis Bergkamp can, we’ve heard that Lionel Messi can, we’ve heard that Paul Ince can, but can Pele? Pelican.

Pelican is on at Corpus Playrooms from Tue 21 – Sat 25 October at 9.30.