ArcSoc’s Strongest Looks

Tab Fashion brings you a selection of outlandish outfits spotted this week at ArcSoc’s ‘Magnavox Odyssey’

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If ever in search of a crowd of students sporting attire both weird and wonderful, look no further than any ArcSoc event – run by Cambridge University’s Architecture society.

On Tuesday night, ArcSoc took place at the pub ‘The Fountain’, spreading itself across all 3 floors.

With each one holding its own distinct vibe, there wasn’t a fed-up face in sight. And, as with all ArcSoc events, the strange theme allowed for an impressive array of intricate decorations made by the architecture students themselves.

This time around, it was ‘MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY’ (something to do with retro video games), and scattered across the walls was an abundance of Pacmans, Space Invaders and other strange specimen, creating a warm – and very sweaty – air of nostalgia.

We picked out a selection of the most unique, strange and generally stylish outfits in sight:

HUGH. That stare. That fang. Almost as imposing as that door.

ISABELLE. 2014: A Space Odyssey.

LIZZIE, KAT & ANNA. Black will always be the new black.

WILL. Your new city councillor.

Oh so Beatles

BETHAN. Not in the shower, promise.

ROSE & EMMA. That’s why her coat is so big, it’s full of secrets.

GEORGE. This one speaks for itself.

DAISY & DANIEL. Dynamic duo.

JORDAN. Shoulder accessory is optional.

BETH & CAROLINE. Good vibrations. Bad bitches.

DANNY. Sharp shirt. Sharp cheekbones. Sharp guy.

JACK. More shirt funk.

If the midnight sky was a suit, it would look like this.

“Lady, what’s underneath that coat?”

AGNES. A ‘strapping’ young scholar.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the loveliest bouncer you’ll ever meet. 

Photos by Sophie Naddell