The Tab gets behind college sport

This term the Tab Sport team are working hard to bring more college sport coverage to our readers. But we need your help

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Almost entirely student run, and dependent upon the input of team captains and players, college sport offers students of all abilities the opportunity to get involved with competitive sport. And we want you to write about it.

From rowing to mixed netball; from lower division football to college basketball; from table tennis to that one student in every college who somehow combines all of the above with an obscure uni-level sport and a Cindies season ticket, college sport is something nearly all students experience in some form during their time in Cambridge.

St Catharine’s – Hockey Cuppers winners, 2014

Murray Edwards’ Sports Officer, Flora McFarlane, told Tab Sport she felt “frustrated that college sport doesn’t seem to have a high enough profile across the university.

“So many people give up their time to take part each week in often high levels of competition and it goes unnoticed even in college.”

Yet as exciting as mid-term, third division rugby fixtures may be, we can only cover so much ourselves; we need regular input from the students who compete at the heart of sport in Cambridge.

War paint optional

From regular reports, to columns and opinion pieces, this is an excellent opportunity to get involved with sports journalism.

You could be writing for the both the largest student newspaper and number one source for news and views on all things sport in Cambridge.

But we want more than just match reports. College sport is exciting, it’s fun, it’s about people. It’s also muddy and cold, but that’s beside the point.

He’ll never get those stains out

Do you play an obscure sport? Is your team about to set a new winning (or losing) record? Do you have bizarre pre-match rituals or an opinion on the state of college sport in Cambridge?

Whatever the issue, we want to hear about it.

If you fancy getting involved, get in touch with us at [email protected].

You can also find Tab Sport on Twitter @TabSport