Tab Cribs: The King’s Parade Room-with-a-view

Kévin Cristin has hit the big time. He has a room, a view and a mini fridge. Join BEN DALTON for a snoop around his quarters

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A lucky few of you will soon be getting to know Kévin as the new French lecturer at King’s College.

For the time being let us be content with getting to know his Tab Crib.

Kevin not looking at his view

Kevin not looking at his view

Tell me a bit about yourself

I come from a small suburb near St Etienne, close to Lyon. I moved to Lyon last year to go to the ENS there. Having done my masters, I had the opportunity to come to King’s.

What are your first impressions of Cambridge?

It’s been easy to meet a lot of people. Academically speaking, we have so many facilities – the library in King’s and the massive University one are fantastic. The concept of forming a city from university is fantastic – there’s a great atmosphere both in terms of party and library alike.

Tell me about your room.

I was very surprised when I arrived here. I am a student – I’m used to having to make do with whatever I can find. I was impressed but it’s because of my job here. I am received as a guest.

beautifully framed

Beautifully framed

History at a mere glance

History at a mere glance

Have you had any problems with jealousy from your colleagues?

Oh, I don’t know! They know that I am going to organize get-togethers in my apartment.

But it is true that I feel privileged. The college is doing a really good job of welcoming me.

What will you use this room for apart for sleeping?

Well… what can you do in this room? I would like to invite people.

It was suggested to me that I do my classes in my room. I’m not going to do so because it’s a bit strange. But I want to enjoy this space. I have a guitar.

I had my supervisions in my supervisor’s room but I felt uncomfortable looking at his bed…

In France there is a huge gap between teachers and students – it’s not like that here.

It’s your own space. It’s part of your intimacy.

Equipped to handle temperatures of all extremes

Equipped to handle temperatures of all extremes

What will your students think of you being in the Tab?

I hope they won’t be angry with me that I am not inviting them for their lessons in my room.

The kitchen: a veritable dining agora

The kitchen: a veritable dining agora

What will your students think of you as a teacher?

I’d like to be the cool one, but I really don’t know whether I’ll succeed.

I’m as old as my students – I really want to get to know them, and for them to get to know my ideas and what interests me.

Thank you Kevin. We’ll be waiting for that invitation. But don’t make us wait too long.