Senior tutor’s fears over ‘predatory’ older students who target freshers at ‘unsavoury’ events

Richard Partington emailed the entire Churchill student body

An anxious senior tutor at Churchill has raised concerns over “unsavoury” events where older, “predatory” students target freshers.

In an email sent out to the entire student body at the college, Richard Partington advised against joining drinking socs or going to their events.

And he advised that freshers new to Churchill should not be introduced to older, “predatory” students.

Richard Partington raised fears about 'unsavoury' events

Richard Partington raised fears about ‘unsavoury’ events

Here is the email in full:

Dear all,

Yesterday evening Churchill College Council agreed the following resolution on drinking societies:

1) There is at present general concern among students’ unions in Cambridge and the wider UK and world about predatory behaviour directed towards young women students.

2) This seems likeliest to occur outside the precincts of colleges and universities, within the setting of student drinking or so called sporting societies.

3) Churchill College advises students against becoming members of drinking societies or participating in their events; they should at least think very hard about how far such membership or participation is compatible with concern about misogyny and sexual discrimination.

4) While the College does not condone drinking societies and would prefer that they did not exist, it notes that the Bulldogs is not a prohibited society.

5) Although the Bulldogs are currently banned from holding events in College, on account of damage done to property at some of their past gatherings, membership of the society is not in and of itself a disciplinary offence.

6) There is therefore no reason why the events it holds should be kept secret, unless their purpose is illegitimate or unsavoury; consequently it should not ask students receiving invitations to its events to keep them secret.

7) Any societies centred upon College membership should not run, promote or condone social events in which students new to Cambridge – away from home, perhaps for the first time, and still finding their feet in a new environment – are introduced to older students in an atmosphere that could be seen as, or is at risk of being, predatory.

8) Under no circumstances should events involve promoting or facilitating interaction between freshers and former students who have graduated.

9) Both men and women students should have the confidence to boycott events the provenance or objectives of which they question.’

I would be grateful if Churchill students would note this resolution and think hard about what it is saying. Council has asked me to remind the student body that anyone who brings the College’s name into disrepute is likely to face disciplinary proceedings.

Thank you.


Richard Partington.

Senior Tutor

Churchill College