Apathetic! Flick foiled as CUSU referendum flops

Humiliation for CUSU as less than 7% bother to vote in referendum.

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CUSU’s hope of passing their motion ‘Do you agree with the proposed changes to CUSU’s Constitution and Standing Orders?’ has been dealt a deathly blow as the referendum voter turnout threshold of 10% falls short.

Preliminary calculations suggest of 21,747 eligible voters, only 1,467 votes were cast equating to a measly 6.78% voter turnout.

The proposed changes included introducing a Campaigns and Societies Officer, introducing CUSU Societies support and increasing the freedom of student reps to change CUSU.

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Nightmarish statistics

CUSU President, Flick Osborn said of the results:

“It is disappointing that CUSU did not meet this particularly high threshold for these changes to take effect.

“However, having spent the last week meeting students and discussing the changes, it’s clear that there is a strong appetite around Cambridge for CUSU to better support societies, autonomous and ethical campaigns, and change the way it works in the future.”

“Although these changes haven’t passed just now, I look forward to using the momentum gained this week to ensure we see CUSU changed for the better in the future.”

Can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Flick

CUSU’s biggest fan, Charlie Bell, was elated:

“I couldn’t be more delighted that CUSU’s entirely pointless referendum, designed to destroy the evil of apathy, has instead fuelled the flames.

“This is most severe punishment, and it is quite delicious”.

Did you vote in the referendum? Did you even know it was happening? Let us know in the comments (though you probably just don’t care…)