You made the Dean’s List! The full gory details

Find out exactly what punishments have been handed out for misbehaviour…


  • 5 cases of misbehaviour: £70 total
  • 15 cases of damage: £1409.89
  • 2 cases of unauthorised entry and exit of college: £100

Worst fine: a student causing £226 worth of damage

Grand Total: £1509.89


  • Drunkenness at dinner that needed “clearing up afterwards”
  • 5 cases of breaking windows
  • 1 case of smoking the fire alarm on, 1 case of not evacuating
  • 2 cases of damage to rooms

Worst fine: Three students charged for stealing a trolley from college and then losing it.

Grand total: not disclosed


  • 4 cases of redecoration for room damage: £335 total
  • Replacing a carpet: £308.32
  • 2 cases of public urination: £100 each
  •  Wetting the bed and replacing the mattress: £75
  • Refilling fire extinguishers: £46.70
  • 3 cases of inappropriate behaviour in the bar: one student was fined £50 and banned from the bar for the rest of term, one was fined £100 and banned for the rest of the year, and one had to do unpaid work for 3 hours
  • Antisocial behaviour: £50
  • Unruly and disrespectful behaviour at a private dinner: letter of apology to the catering manager and food supervisor
  • Disobeying college staff: £150
  • Illegal downloads: £50
  • Keeping bicycle in room: £50

Worst fine tied between: Attempted theft of another college’s candles, £200 and letters of apology to Master, Bursar, and Head Porter or: Inappropriate behaviour in the bar by themselves and guests: £200 damage, £250 fine

Grand Total: £2279.02


  • A ridiculous £4140 from library fines and late-paid bills


  • 8 cases of failing to sign out of college: £200 total
  • 4 cases of smoking in room: £200
  • Keeping motorcycle in room: £25
  • Taxi dash without paying: £30.50
  • Damage to a fire door: 151.84
  • Vomiting in communal kitchen: £60

Worst fine: 3 cases of setting of fire extinguishers: £180

Grand total: £1584.98


  • 19 students were banned from the bar, Formal Hall, and all college social events.
  • 1 student was asked to leave College accommodation
  • 2 students were banned from the College site for 2 terms
  • 1 student was banned from the College site for a term
  • 5 students were required to go out of residence immediately the term ended.

Worst fine: 1 student was banned from College for a year

Grand total: not disclosed


  • 12 cases of fining for an unauthorized party: £350 total
  • 16 cases of noise disturbance: £425
  • 2 cases of drunkenness in public areas of college: £50 total
  • 2 cases of drunken behavior: £75
  • Irresponsible behavior in the library: £25
  • Using the Internet too much: £25
  • Breach of alcohol rules: £50
  • 3 cases of untidy room, £75
  • Smoking in room 25.00
  • Smoking in room again 50.00

Worst fine: 6 cases of drinking in the library: £180

Grand total: £1405

 Lucy Cav

  • Smoking in college: £50
  • Unauthorised party: £50

Worst fine: a student and her guests who caused “excessive noise” was made to have regular meetings with her tutor and have a limit on the number of guests she could have in college

Grand total: £100


  • 14 cases in one night of “unacceptable behaviour in hall”: banned for a term
  • Playing music loudly: £50.00
  • Arguing with college staff: £50.00
  • 2 cases of pennying in hall: banned from hall for term
  • Walking on tables in hall: banned from hall for a week
  • Not returning punt on time:  £35.00

Worst fine: Taking drugs: £400.00

Grand total: £635


  • Only administrative cases of late-paid bills, losing keys, and library fines

Grand total: not disclosed 


  • Unauthorised party: £50
  • 5 cases of IT related incidents: £210
  • 3 cases of repeated excessive noise levels (causing disturbance to neighbours): £140
  • 5 cases of inappropriate behaviour: £240
  • Damage to college property: £25

Worst fine: 20 cases of tampering or setting off fire alarms: £1375

Grand total: £2040


  • 2 cases of disruptive behaviour at hall
  • Noise in room
  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • 4 cases of disruptive behaviour

Worst fine: 3 cases of drunken disruptive behaviour

Grand total: Robinson say they don’t dish out financial penalties


  • 2 cases of removing alcohol from the JCR committee cupboard without permission: 6 hours’ gardening duty
  • 2 cases of holding a party without permission: £60
  • 2 cases of damage to fire extinguisher: £100
  • Late running of the college bop: £100
  • 3 students involved in accessing balcony for photograph involving removal of fire extinguisher: 4 hours of community service each
  • Damaging a roof: £65
  • Misusing a fire extinguisher: £60
  • Damage to room: £30
  • 2 cases of leaving unacceptable messes in staircase: £60
  • Failure to control guests at dinner leading to substantial damage: £30
  • Damage to a drainpipe and roof: 5 hours of community service
  • 3 cases of abusive behaviour: one banned from the College Bar for a term and 4 hours of community service, the second banned for two terms and 2 hours of community service, the third banned from events and the College Bar for two terms and 10 Hours community service
  • Fraudulent misuse of email: 8 hours community service
  • Fraudulent misuse of email: ban from various College premises
  • 2 cases of breaching fire safety regulations: 1 hour of community service each
  • Persistent infringement of parking regulations: 3 hours of community service

Worst fine: organizing a photograph with a fire extinguisher on a balcony

Grand total: £425

St Ed’s

  • Damage to college property: £50 fine, £255 contribution towards costs of repair
  • Tampering with fire alarm: £100 fine plus attendance on fire safety course at own cost
  • Opening bar unauthorised late at night and playing loud music: £200 fine plus barred from bar for two months

Worst fine: Drunken and threatening behaviour and damage to college property: £50 fine and £750 contribution towards costs of repair

Grand total: £1405


A total 42 incidents of:

  • Abuse of College property
  • Forgery
  • Plagiarism
  • Noise complaints
  • Interference with safety equipment
  • Defamation or potential harassment
  • Drunkenness / disorderly behaviour
  • Running an initiation like that for a drinking society
  • Drunken participation in an initiation
  • Trespass

Worst fine: Drunkenness to incapacity

Grand total: £200 (individual breakdowns not disclosed)


  • Malicious damage:
  • 4 cases of drunk and disorderly conduct:  
  • Discharge of fire extinguisher: £100 fine

Worst fine: Interference with college mail: £250

Grand total: £875