Those that can…teach?

Teaching has become the most popular career choice for Oxbridge-leavers. So much for the popular expression reports KATE MORRISON-BETTS.

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Teach First, a training model from the States, is aiding this new trend by placing top graduates into ‘challenging’ schools, especially those receiving low Ofsted scores.

Gordon Chesterman, director of the Cambridge careers service, told The Tab:

“Over 60 First Degree Cambridge students joined the Teach First scheme and became teachers… Teaching is a popular career choice after Cambridge.”

He added that whilst Cambridge students “do enjoy an advantage in the employment market, up to a point” many graduates are now trading traditional city jobs for the classroom.

In the Other Place, the Oxford careers service says that 25% of its graduates now work in secondary schools.

Classroom power

“Study history kids and you’ll be back before you know it”

Maths graduate Tom Ding moved from a strategist job in advertising to a trainee teacher position in northwest London and never looked back:

“I gave up a ‘high-powered’ City job… but I haven’t regretted it once.”

Even the ever-controversial Michael Gove, himself an Oxbridge graduate, seems keen to alter the image of teaching as a careers choice. During a speech to Parliament in December he insisted:

“The current generation of young teachers is the best ever” and recruitment of those from “the best universities” is altering an outdated stereotype of UK teaching standards.

Saying something sensible?

Saying something sensible?

HSPS student Natasha Collett welcomes the increasing recognition of teaching as a careers choice:

“Oxbridge students are acutely aware of where their education has got them, and what it can mean to love studying and want to inspire others.”

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